From an Abortion Clinic Worker to Pro-Life Activist

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 21, 2012   |   4:54PM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-life group Feminists for Life of America is touting the story of a young woman who got out of the abortion industry as a clinic worker and has now become a pro-life activist.

“FFL’s newest speaker, Jewels Green, discovered she was pregnant at 17 and was pressured into having an abortion that led to depression and a suicide attempt,” Feminists for Life says in an introduction to a new video of Green’s story of converting to the pro-life perspective. “She then worked in an abortion center much of her young adulthood and became pro-life years later.”

“Jewels offers insider information from behind the closed doors of the abortion industry and unique insight into the highly personal journey of conversion. FFL was the first pro-life organization Jewels joined and worked as a volunteer before coming onboard as the Editor of FFL’s magazine, The American Feminist,” the group added.

Jewels has talked about her experiences as an abortion clinic worker previously in columns at LifeNews.

As a pre-abortion counselor, I occasionally had a pregnant mother ask me to come visit her in the recovery room once it was all over. Naturally, whoever accompanied her to the abortion clinic that day was not permitted in any of the medical areas, so requests like this were not uncommon.



Some of the weepier women (who were scheduled to be awake with local anesthetic for their abortions) would ask if I could join them in the procedure room to hold their hands during their abortions. I would attempt to deflect this question by reminding them that a nurse would be there to hold their hands, but a few would persist in asking if I could be there to hold their hands. More than a few times, I agreed.

Both procedure rooms at the abortion clinic where I worked for more than five years when I was much younger, and much less wise, were small – and having an extra person in the room besides the pregnant mother, the nurse, and the doctor was difficult and cumbersome. Not every doctor permitted even a pre-abortion counselor into the procedure room during an abortion, but most did because if I was there to hold the woman’s hand, she would remain calmer and quieter, and was more likely to hold still for the abortion – and it would free up the nurse’s hand to more efficiently assist the doctor.

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