Taxpayer Funds Account for 72% of Abortion Clinic’s Budget

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 20, 2012   |   4:52PM   |   Augusta, ME

The Family Planning Association of Maine, the organization which runs the abortion clinic in Augusta, Maine, has released its annual report, which shows that 72 percent of its budget comes from federal or state taxpayer dollars. Fortunately, that appears to be changing.

Deb Wagner of the Christian Civic League posts the following information from its annual report:

Sources of Funding for Family Planning Association of Maine in 2012 and % of total

Federal Title X:  $1,988,321 (36%)

Federal Other:  $74,899 (1%)

State of Maine:  $1,911,401 (34%)

Program Fees: $1,185,573 (21%)

Fundraising: $470,759 (8.5%)

Investment/Agency Funds:  ($13,498) (0.5%)

Total Sources $5,617,455 (100%)

Total Uses $5,886,205

Total Change in Net Assets: $(268,750)

Net Assets as of June 30, 2012: $5,068,177

The 2012 report continues, “We also appreciate the support of Community Health Charities of Maine, United Way of Mid Coast Maine, United Way of Kennebec Valley and United Mid-Coast Charities.”

In May, Maine Governor Paul LePage delighted pro-life advocates by signing a state budget into law that de-funds an abortion business that also funds Planned Parenthood. The abortion business stands to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result.

LePage signed the budget that makes $80 million total in cuts to help reverse a state budget shortfall. He signed the budget hours after the Maine House and Senate gave their final approval to the bill. In final votes last night, the Senate passed the budget 19-14 and the House approved it 75-61.

The budget strips the Family Planning Council of Maine of hundreds of thousands of dollars. FPCM does abortions at two clinics it runs and funnels money to the Planned Parenthood abortion business — meaning it could lose some funding as well with FPCM operating as a pass-through entity.

Staff at Maine Right to Life showered the governor with praise.



“As you know, the Governor’s 2013 budget defunds Family Planning Association of Maine and Planned Parenthood in the amount of $400,000.  Thank you, Governor LePage,” the group told LifeNews. “We are thankful for the passage of this pro-life budget, and ask that you send Governor LePage a note of appreciation.”

“This is a great day for Maine’s unborn and their mothers, who are better served by providers not compromised by the wholesale destruction of innocent human life. Abortion is not healthcare.  We believe Maine women and their children deserve better,” the pro-life group added.

The de-funding comes after the Iowa state legislature, before wrapping up its legislative session for the year, killed off an effort put forward by pro-life groups to cut off taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business. While Planned Parenthood doesn’t get funding for abortions, it receives $6 million in state tax dollars as reimbursement for providing birth control and family planning for women that can be obtained elsewhere without supporting an abortion business.

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