Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Prez a Texan of the Year Finalist

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 20, 2012   |   2:53PM   |   Dallas, TX

The head of the nation’s biggest abortion giant has been named a finalist for the Texan of the Year by the Dallas Morning News, a newspaper in this large north Texas city.

The newspaper describes the award this way:  “A Texan (or Texans) who has had uncommon impact — either positive or negative — over the past year.” Richards’ impact is clearly negative — killing children and injuring women — but the newspaper doesn’t see it that way.

In explaining why the woman who heads the largest abortion business in the country should be the person who supposedly represents all that is good in the Lone Star State, the newspaper says Planned Parenthood’s bullying of the Komen for the Cure breast cancer charity to keep funding it is a major reason.

In a way, Cecile Richards had spent her entire adult life preparing for this fight, a decision by the popular and respected Susan G. Komen for the Cure to halt grants to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening.

The actual dollars involved, less than $700,000, weren’t as much the issue for the Planned Parenthood president as the principle of making health care accessible for as many women as possible. As she has done time and again in her very public career, she and her side emerged stronger from the fight.

Planned Parenthood, the women’s health organization Richards has headed since 2006, quickly made up the funding deficit, thanks to a social media-driven outpouring of support. (New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg even wrote a check for $250,000.) Komen, faced with a tide of negative publicity, quickly reversed course, but not in time to prevent its own fundraising from suffering throughout the year.

Richards’ advocacy helped more than the countless women who count on its clinics for their primary health services. She also made an impact on the presidential election and positioned herself as one of the nation’s most important voices, making her a finalist for Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year.

The newspaper claims Planned Parenthood is really not about abortions, saying, “Planned Parenthood today helps about 3 million patients a year — almost all of them for services that have nothing to do with abortion.”

Yet, as head of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Cecile Richards presided over an increasing number of abortions — including the death by abortion of 1.5 million tiny, innocent babies from the time she took the helm at Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 2006 through 2010.

“If you consider that, as of 2010, Planned Parenthood had committed 5.6 million abortions since it first began perpetrating the heinous act in 1970, you will see that in only four years, Richards was ultimately responsible for more than one-fourth of the total surgical and medical abortions committed by Planned Parenthood over a 42-year period,” says Rita Diller of STOPP International, a Planned Parenthood watchdog group.

Diller blasts Richards for her “continual drive to eliminate pregnancy resource centers, sidewalk counselors, fully informed consent before abortion, and anything else that creates a safety net for abortion-bound women.”

The most recent annual report the Planned Parenthood abortion business released shows it helped fewer pregnant women with prenatal care and the number of pregnant women it referred for adoptions declined as well.

The report also breaks down the “services” Planned Parenthood offers in addition to abortions. Planned Parenthood has always come under fire from pro-life groups for doing hundreds of thousands of abortions by providing little in the way of help for pregnant woman wanting to keep their baby or considering adoption. The new report shows that hasn’t changed.



The new document the abortion organization posted shows Planned Parenthood did 329,445 abortions in 2010 while it provided prenatal care to only 31,098 women and referred only 841 women to adoption agencies.

The number of women receiving prenatal care dropped significantly from 2009 to 2010, as the abortion business helped 40,489 women in 2009 — meaning almost 10,000 fewer women received prenatal support from Planned Parenthood last year than the year prior, or a drop of almost 25 percent.

The number of women getting adoption referrals also declined — from a low 977 in 2009 to 841 last year, or a decline of 14 percent.

Examined another way Planned Parenthood does 391 abortions for every adoption referral it makes and almost 11 abortions for every woman it helps with prenatal care.

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