40 Christmases of 55 Million Abortions: We Must End It

Opinion   |   Bryan Kemper   |   Dec 20, 2012   |   2:20PM   |   Washington, DC

No one wants to think about bad things at Christmas; we want to be happy, merry and full of good tidings and cheer. No one wants to think about what evils are lurking in this world, the horrible things that humanity has unleashed on each other.

I love Christmas time; I love spending the day with my family and just having fun with my children. However I also do a lot of reflecting at Christmas time because it leads into the anniversary of one of the most horrific and evil days in the history of this nation: the day we declared war on this generation.

This year is especially hard for me as I know we are approaching the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that unleashed a massacre the likes of which no one has ever seen before, a shadow of death that has claimed the lives of more than 55 million innocent boys and girls who will never sit down with a Christmas stocking on a cold winter morning.

Two years ago I saw an old WW2 propaganda poster depicting children playing on the grass with a shadow of a swastika approaching them. The poster read, “Do not allow this shadow to fall upon the children”. I think about this poster quite often, as I know we have allowed the shadow of Roe to fall upon our children here in America and now we have allowed it for a full generation.

You may think I am depressed as you read this. You probably are not in the best mood as you contemplate the reality of where our nation is heading and the culmination of a full generation living under the shadow of the abortion holocaust. I am not depressed. I am angry, angry with a righteous anger that will not go away until I see America stand up and recognize the evil of this shadow.

Every time I stand in front of an abortion clinic to pray for these babies and plead with the women to reconsider what they are about to do, I also watch the world pass by like there is nothing going on inside that building. I watch as society looks at me as some kind of monster because I am “intimidating” women and trying to take their choice away. I listen to them yell at me to “get a job” or “go home” or other expletives I won’t repeat here.

I often drift into thoughts about why the world is so blind, why the world cannot see the truth about what is happening inside that building. I sometimes tear up as I think about how many churches are within a five mile radius of these killing centers and how few of the members of these churches even take a second look at what is going on in their neighborhoods.

I wonder what would happen if those who say they believe abortion is the taking of an innocent human life, thought about what that meant and started to act like they really believed that? I wonder what would happen if the pastors and priests at these churches used their pulpits and influence to wake up this generation to evils of the abortion holocaust before another generation passes under the shadow?

What if we sat down and pondered what Christmas really is all about? What if we watched a Charlie Brown Christmas and listened intently as Linus shared the Word of God and told us about the Birth of Christ and realized that this one child born so long ago was actually the only reason we have hope today?

I have given over 20 years of my life to the cause of shining the light of Christ on the darkness of the shadow of abortion. I have listened as friends and family have told me I need to not talk about abortion so much or actually told me to give up because abortion will always be legal. I have listened to every excuse imaginable as to why people don’t want to get involved in pro-life work. I have wondered why this world is so blind and why even those who call themselves followers of Christ cannot see the truth?

What will it take to wake up this generation before the next generation is swallowed up by the shadow?

Maybe, just maybe the answer is as simple as looking at Christmas. Christmas represents the day God became man so He could live among us, teach us and die for us that we may have life eternal. God Himself made the ultimate sacrifice for us by being born that day some 2,000 years ago as a human being, a precious child swaddled in Mary’s arms in that manger.

This Christmas I want to challenge you to contemplate what happened that day in the little town of Bethlehem. Think about the child who was born, the very Christ who was recognized in the first days of His life by his cousin John who leapt in the womb at Christ’s presence.

Think about all those precious, innocent children who are still in their mother’s womb but who are considered by the world as only potential life. These children are not potential life; they are life with great potential and deserve a birthday just like Christ.

This Christmas I am asking everyone for a special gift. I want a commitment from you that you will not allow another generation to pass under the shadow. I want to know that you will join me and commit to taking a stand against this evil and refusing to be silent until we abolish abortion before the next generation looks back at another 40 years of death.

Will you take that stand with me? Will you join Stand True and Priests for Life as we declare that this is the generation that will abolish abortion? Will you commit to shining the light of Christ to wipe away the shadow of the abortion holocaust forever?



I want to ask you to do three things, three important things as we approach this 40th Christmas under that shadow.

1. Pray. Commit to praying daily for an end to abortion and for the all of those involved in the abortion industry to come to know the hope we have in Christ.

2. Use your voice. I recently got to pray at the church where William Wilberforce worshiped in England. I prayed for God to give me the courage and strength to be a voice for life just as he was while he fought the evil of his day, slavery. I prayed that I will use my voice every day without reservation or apology as I speak up for those who do not have a voice.

3. Support a pro-life organization financially. Pick your favorite pro-life organization and help them to fight this battle with a donation.

LifeNews.com Note: Bryan Kemper is the youth director for Priests for Life. He is the author of Social Justice Begins In The Womb