Abortion: Discrimination Against People Based on Their Size

Opinion   |   Ellie Saul   |   Dec 19, 2012   |   2:05PM   |   Washington, DC

My sister came for a visit, and we had a great time. We have so many differences, though we have so much in common. While we do not agree on everything, we found five things about LIFE that we agree on during her amazing visit.

We both agree that neither of us like coffee from the big coffee people on every corner. Our reasons are different, but we agree not to buy their coffee. We agree that some of what makes life in the womb different than life outside the womb, does not make a justification to dispose of that life in any circumstance.

Size does not justify disposal. We agree that babies in the womb are smaller than we are. My sister is smaller than I am, but I would never dispose of her because of that. I may get angry when I try on her tiny jeans pretending to be a thinner version of myself, but absolutely no size difference would warrant or justify either of us being killed. I am not more human or more valuable just because I have more meat on my bones than she does. She matters and I matter and we agree a person is a person no matter how small.

Location does not justify disposal. Babies live inside the womb until it is time to come out. I live in Jasper, AL and I love it here. I love my three minute commute, in case of heavy traffic. I love recognizing faces almost every where I go and feeling safe. My sister lives in Atlanta and she loves it there. She loves the hustle and the noise and even the commute is worth the scent of the city. She never meets a stranger, all the time because unfamiliar is so familiar and comfortable to her. I would never dispose of her because of her location. She is such an amazing human and her amazing personality is immeasurably valuable regardless of her location. We agree that real estate may be “location, location, location,” but the value of human life is not limited by where that life exists.

Environment does not justify disposal. We agree that the environment in the womb greatly differs from the environment outside of it. My sister’s entire apartment is the size of my den. Her environment meets her needs, my environment meets mine. I share my home with an 85 pound American Bully and a sweet husband. She lives alone. I love hanging inspirational quotes and special paintings, scripture, and country swans. She loves pop art and modern design. Her environment does not justify or cause me to want to discard her at all just because it differs greatly from mine. What surrounds us does not negate or devalue what lies within us. No matter who wins when nature fights nurture, every life should be honored and protected from disposal in any environment.

Dependency does not justify disposal. We agree that a baby in the womb is more dependent than the mother carrying the child. My sister is one of the most amazingly independent people I know. She has a huge heart and has even participated in wheel chair basketball games with other athletes who really depend on wheelchairs as much as she is independent of them for mobility in general. Neither of us would dispose of any one based on their dependency. No matter how developed or independent we are, as sisters, we depend on each other and value each other no matter what.



Our differences are endearing ,not weapons of justification for disposal or separation from each other. Maybe we have a deeper appreciation for life because we have lost a sister between us. No matter her size, location, environment, or dependence, nothing could replace that amazing life being lost. Perhaps we value each other a little more because we understand the cost of losing a sibling we loved.

Tonight I am praying for siblings of aborted babies who never got to know the ones they lost. Please pray with me that God opens eyes and hearts to the devastating cost of justifying the disposal of LIFE in the womb simply because of size, location, environment, and dependency.

My sister is not ready to wear a LIFE band yet, but I am so grateful we agree on five amazing things and took time to engage in the meaningful conversations that brought them into light. I encourage you to your siblings about LIFE today.

LifeNews Note: Ellie Saul lives in quaint Jasper, AL with her husband Andrew. They are passionate lovers of Jesus and live to share His word and love with anyone they meet. Reprinted with permission from the Bound4Life blog.