Abortion Activists Attack Pro-Life Group’s Office, Destroy Camera

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 18, 2012   |   7:56PM   |   Wichita, KS

Two pro-abortion activists attacked the office of the pro-life group Operation Rescue and destroyed a security camera at the organization’s central Kansas headquarters.

Troy Newman, the head of the pro-life group, informed LifeNews of what happened.

He said: “My heart sunk – no, stopped – when the Wichita Police investigator asked me: “Mr. Newman, do you have any enemies? Anyone who really doesn’t like you and wants to hurt you? You know the answer to that question”

“They asked me because they were called to our office to investigate WHY someone had gone to all the trouble to DISABLE our surveillance/security camera system… and then leave,” he said. “One of the veteran officers told me that, in all his years on the force, he had never seen anyone do that. He said it usually means BIG trouble is on the way. And so I asked myself this question. Is a Violent Attack on Operation Rescue Imminent?”

Newman said the pro-life group’s extensive work exposing and shutting down abortion clinics and abortion practitioners may have something to do with why it was targeted.

“Again, perhaps this is why we’re getting “messed with” right now,” he said. “After all, we’ve spent years and years learning how to use the legal system against the abortion cartel. Basically, we’ve turned the tables on the baby-killers. Now they are the ones running from the law.”

“Therefore, it’s not “beneath” them if they were to have some common criminal come in and destroy our office – which is our sole “nerve center.” I wouldn’t put it past them,” Newman continued. “And so, that being said, it’s time for us to face this reality and deal with it. We consulted with security experts who assessed the threat we face and recommended a newer state-of-the-art system that would be impervious to the perps who are messing with us.

Newman said this is not the first attack, and cited the imprisonment of one abortion activist for death threats against him and pro-life leaders.

“Attacks and deadly serious threats have been “a way of life” for us in the past. In fact, a man is sitting in prison right now, sentenced to over four years for threatening to kill me and other pro-life leaders,” he told LifeNews. “Why, just last year our office was brutally vandalized. And a few years ago, someone broke into our office on Thanksgiving Day! Not only have we had our office burglarized, but staff members homes have been attacked – and the death threats still come in at an alarming rate.”



“So when the police told me to be prepared for an assault in the near future, you can understand how hopping mad I was,” he said.

“Don’t get me wrong. I place my full faith and trust in the Lord. He has taken care of me for the past twenty years as we have faced all these sorts of threats and more. Jail, the IRS, lawsuits and vandals will never stop my determination to put an end to child-killing,” Newman promised. “In fact, I’ll never ever stop being an advocate for the helpless babies being murdered every day in America. Each innocent child is totally helpless against the abortionist’s deadly knife as he wickedly stabs her in the back of the skull, pulls her out by the feet, twists her tiny head around to break her neck, and then tosses her lifeless little body in the trash with yesterday’s garbage.”

Newman hopes to raise enough money for a state-of-the-art Emergency Self-Defense Surveillance Monitoring System – with crystal-clear Face Identification Picture Technology built in it.