LifeNews’ Reporting Saves Baby From Forced Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 14, 2012   |   11:46AM   |   Reno, NV

This week, is kicking off our end-of-the-year fundraising drive. We know you’re getting multiple requests from pro-life organizations for help at this time, but we hope you see how LifeNews plays an important role in saving lives.

You see, LifeNews is the only news agency specifically devoted to reporting on pro-life issues. Although there are other important political topics — ranging from the economy and foreign policy to moral and family issues — we know that no political topic is more important than whether or not people enjoy the fundamental right to life that begins well before they take their first breath in the world.

Every day, LifeNews works with pro-life groups big and small to highlight their educational, legislative and election efforts. We’ve received countless emails, letters and phone calls over the years from organizations that have credited LifeNews with providing the critical support for their efforts that resulted in passing pro-life bills, changing hearts and minds, assisting women in finding pregnancy or post-abortion support, or literally saving lives from abortion.

We were honored recently to play a role in helping save the life of one baby in the state of Nevada.

LifeNews broke the story of Elisa Bauer, who suffers from severe mental and physical disabilities attributed to fetal alcohol syndrome. Bauer became pregnant and LifeNews carried the initial article — eventually picked up by the Drudge Report and the mainstream media — about how the life of an 11-week-old unborn baby and the future of his or her 32-year-old mother hung the balance based on whether a judge would force her to have an abortion.

While Elisa wanted to carry the pregnancy to term and have her baby — knowing she would unable to care for the child — her family was forced to wage a legal battle in court after a local county social services agency became aware of the pregnancy and thought an abortion might be the best answer.

LifeNews worked directly with local pro-life advocates on the scene and the attorney for Elisa’s adoptive parents to provide support and help — connecting them with experts who could provide the kind of testimony in court necessary to save her life. LifeNews continued to monitor and report on the story to give it the attention it deserved throughout the process.

Thousands of LifeNews readers prayed, wrote letters to the editor, contacted the judge in the case, and shared our stories with friends and family so they could do the same. Ultimately, the judge agreed to allow Elisa to complete the pregnancy and the life of an unborn baby was spared in the process — another story LifeNews broke that was later carried by other pro-life websites and the media.

This is just one of the many stories LifeNews can share about how we have been blessed to play a role — sometimes large and sometimes small — in saving lives.

How much is a baby’s life worth? How much is the life of Elisa’s baby worth? There’s really no pricetag, of course, that could ever be placed on the life of a child — to God, each baby is infinite in value and worth.

But for LifeNews, it doesn’t take much to be able to report each and every day on these monumental pro-life battles. Whether it’s the fight to save Elisa’s baby, the battle to stop President Barack Obama’s pro-abortion agenda, the fight against the HHS mandate, providing pro-life analysis and opinion that changes hearts and opens minds — whatever the pro-life topic is, LifeNews is covering it every day and every week.

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