Family Makes a Sacrifice to Save a Little Girl Via Adoption

State   |   Susan Michelle Tyrrell   |   Dec 12, 2012   |   6:34PM   |   Washington, DC

A few months ago, a precious couple I went to church with had a dream come true when their quest to adopt an orphan from Taiwan became reality and Emily flew across the world to get her baby girl.

Lily is adorable and has quickly brought joy and life to Emily and Jason—and everyone who comes in contact with her. From an orphanage to a loving Christian home, a miracle happened. In between, the couple found out they were pregnant with a baby due only a few months after they brought Lily home. Double blessings ensued and their world became a revolution of joy. (As you can see here!)

With their double joy came double maternity leave for Emily’s job, with a state public school system. And no one had (imagine that) though to write maternity coverage into a job twice in the same year. As a result, Emily is preparing for what is called “catastrophic leave” to have her baby. She won’t have a problem keeping her job, but her days off will be without pay—all but those days that others in the school system are donating to her. You see, someone nearing retirement who has store of days can offer a few of theirs and not suffered any loss. But you know what? A first year employee with only a couple days can sacrificially give one as well. Really, it’s a donation of a day’s salary to a mom who has given up hers because of supporting LIFE.

Seeing that circumstance I’d have never considered on my own got me thinking about practical ways we can support LIFE. Everyone can’t run out an adopt a child or support a child being adopted, but everyone can do something to further the LIFE cause. It’s actually easy to live out being pro-life, and, even though this should be an all-year thing, ‘tis the season for making needs known.

A really obvious place is to help is local pregnancy centers—you know, those amazing places that usually get no federal funding (unlike Planned Parenthood with its abortion facilities and taxpayer millions) who work with pregnant women, counsel them to LIFE, teach them, help them, give them necessities like diapers, walk with the woman through pregnancy, find her a home if she needs it—and the list goes on so long I could take up all the text of this blog on what they do. Find one and give them money and/or stuff they need. Last week in Sherman, Texas, a friend noted the local center needed diapers. My friend and her friends promptly bought some. It’s really that easy.

Have a friend who is adopting or even looking to adopt? I assure you they need money. Even the pre-adoption process has costs associated with it because professional services are involved. When we say it’s the church’s responsibility to take care of the orphan, that means even giving money to the person trying to adopt the orphan. Chances are you spend money eating out or drinking a fancy cappuccino each week that could but a box of diapers or contribute to an adoption fund.

Do you have a professional skill? If you’re a lawyer or a social worker, you could donate your professional services in some cases to help with adoption costs. Not a professional? Do some sidewalk counseling at an abortion facility. The local pro-life organizations in your area will train you and help you. Sometimes it only takes an hour a week. What if in that hour you counseled the woman who left the faculty and later decided to keep her baby? What if? Is an hour worth it? Is $10 here or $100 there? How about one of your vacation days?

You can also do things like babysit for an adoptive family, or host a parent’s night out with your church for adoptive and single parents. While you’re at it, give up a couple hour to host a prayer meeting for LIFE, buy Christmas gifts for an orphanage or shelter. Remember, orphans aren’t always kids with no parents. Today orphans are varying ages, sometimes with a DNA match somewhere not involved in their life, sometimes with no natural family relationship—even if they live with a member of their birth family. At Christmas, these who are young and disconnected need you the most as family is paraded as the hallmark of the holidays. Whether it’s through traditional giving to a pregnancy center, non traditional giving such as in Emily and Jason’s case, or inviting the teenager who’s got a horrible family situation to your house for Christmas—even if it might be messy for your family. Supporting LIFE is not just one thing, but a myriad of interconnected deeds and attitudes that as a whole become a change of the culture.



LIFE is the Christian’s mandate, but sometimes we don’t know how to practically do what’s in our realm of possibility. Sometimes we make excuses but often our limitations are real. The point is, there’s always a way. There’s not a person reading this blog who can’t do something tangible to support LIFE. What better time than the time of year we celebrate the birth of an “unplanned pregnancy” that changed the world?

LifeNews Note: Left on the street, Susan was taken to a Catholic orphanage in Bethlehem where she was adopted at 6 months old by a single woman. Susan speaks on issues of abortion and adoption. Her heart is to see the church become a greater picture family of God through adoption, both natural and spiritual.