Planned Parenthood Vermont Expands to Do Abortions at 18 Weeks

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 11, 2012   |   12:38PM   |   Burlington, VT

The Planned Parenthood affiliate in Vermont is expanding its abortion business to take the lives of unborn children two weeks later in pregnancy than it does currently.

Mary Beerworth, the head of Vermont Right to Life, informed LifeNews of the expansion.

“Planned Parenthood is now performing surgical abortions up to 18 weeks after the start of a woman’s last menstrual period at their Burlington facility – a full two weeks further in pregnancy than Planned Parenthood has performed abortions in the past,” she said.

Beerworth referred to an image from the web site Babycenter (see right) to show what an unborn baby at 18 weeks of pregnancy looks like, to refer people to the humanity of the unborn child Planned Parenthood will kill now.

“Here is a drawing and video of an unborn child at approximately 18 weeks in utero – the fifth month of pregnancy,” she said. “Viability is placed at or shortly after 22 weeks of pregnancy (or gestation).”

“While it is not clear which procedure will be used in the later abortions, the most likely method is a Dilation & Evacuation (dismemberment) procedure,” Beerworth added.

She told LifeNews: “In 2004, during a forum on abortion, Planned Parenthood admitted that they are the only providers of D&E abortions in Vermont. Planned Parenthood of Vermont also offers to help find abortion services if you are further than 18 weeks into a pregnancy.  It is unknown how the fetal parts and medical wastes are disposed of.  Abortion is legal in Vermont throughout pregnancy, so it is possible that Planned Parenthood could perform abortions at even later stages in pregnancy.”