A New Pro-Life Christmas Tradition: Abortion Abolition Candle

National   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Dec 10, 2012   |   7:04PM   |   Washington, DC

For my family we keep our Christmas decorating simple:  a Christmas tree, an advent calendar, stockings inside of our house, and lights wrapped around our tree and in our flower bed outside.

But this year, we’ve added something different. My husband stuck little battery-operated candles on the inside of our windows.

You see, in the years leading up to the Civil War in America, families who were a part of the Underground Railroad would set out candles in their windows, signaling to any runaway slaves that they could seek safe harbor there.

For me and my family, these candles are a symbol of our promise to help any woman facing an unplanned crisis pregnancy and activate this generation so abortion is never considered a woman’s “best” option again.

This Christmas season, I want to get as many folks as possible putting just one of these candles in windows across America, as a symbol to our neighbors and ourselves that we are abortion abolitionists.*

I know ending abortion in our nation will be a lot more work than just putting a candle in my window. But I believe this effort, which can unite tens of thousands of families across America, could be the motivator our movement needs heading in to what we know will be a challenging 2013.

Remember those candlelight vigils at church: how one person lighted a candle and then the whole room was lit by each person passing on their flame.This is what we must do, put a candle in your window, tell one neighbor, and let the flame of truth spread.

Because, we can never lose hope. We must always fight for what we believe in.



*SFLA has already ordered a small quantity of battery operated candles and the suction cups for windows.  If you would you like to purchase one or gift one to a family member or another pro-lifer you know just go to this page today:  https://candle.sagefundraisingonline.com/1, pitch in $15 to Students for Life, and we will get your Abortion Abolitionist Candle mailed to you this week.

These candles are wrapped in a bow when shipped, so they will make an excellent Christmas present!