Pro-Life Group to Sing Christmas Carols at Abortion Clinics

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 5, 2012   |   4:24PM   |   Los Angeles, CA

A pro-life group plans to sing Christmas carols outside an abortion clinic in Los Angeles, California. The group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust hopes its 12th annual event will help mothers heading inside for an abortion change their mind.

“Join Survivors in LA, as we bring the joy of Christ’s birth to the many mothers considering abortion,” the group said in a memo to its members. “What could be more moving than the sounds of dozens of young voices, singing the peace of Christ, God with us, hidden away in Mary’s womb? What could be more touching for the many hardened clinic workers, or the poor mothers who think their child is a burden, not a gift.”

“We have been doing our Pro-Life Christmas Carol for 12 years — and it never ceases to touch the hearts of the mothers considering death rather than life in this blessed season,” the group said. “Bring the joy and peace of Jesus’ birth to the poorest of the poor — those who think or have been told the death of their child is the only way to live!”

“No one would say this little guy isn’t a joyous gift of life! But what if he was hidden? So many women are told their child is a burden at this time of year — and they let a doctor kill him before they even get to see his face,” Survivors continued. “Don’t let the abortion-business snow the world this Christmas with their lies! This baby is a baby, and no mother deserves a dead child for Christmas!”

“Just as the sights and sounds horrified Scrooge out of his selfish lifestyle, you have the opportunity to prevent the death of a child and free a woman from the chains of a much-regretted abortion.  Scrooge needed intervention – something to awaken him to the reality of the consequences of his present decisions.  How much more do abortion-minded women need a jolt of love to bring them to their senses and prevent a lifetime of grief?” it asks.

For pro-life advocates who can’t join the group, it has put together a web site to help you bring Christmas carols to your local abortion clinic.

“The Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust,  a pro-life youth group, is now in its 12th year of using the Christmas Caroling Project to save babies lives through the simple acts of singing and delivering gifts. We want to help you bring this powerful outreach to your own community,” it says.

“Every Christmas, people just like you – High school students, college students, and families – bring gift baskets to abortion clinics for expectant mothers who are deciding whether to keep the child within them.  The baskets are filled with baby blankets, bibs, rattles and booties; but more importantly, the baskets are filled with hope.  Every basket contains a tract offering the love of Christ and information about the precious life growing inside each woman, offering hope in a desperate time,” it continues. “But that isn’t all; the Survivors also bring gifts to the abortion clinic workers – sincere gifts of love for their hearts and souls.  There is Christmas candy and a booklet sharing our faith in Christ, the very Baby about whom we are singing.”



“What is easier than singing carols outside an abortion facility?  God says whatever you do for the least of them you do for Him – what will you do?  Will you join us as we sing Silent Night and reach out to the least of these?” it adds. “You don’t want to pass up this opportunity to participate in this life saving activity.”

The group concludes: “Either Join Survivors at one of our planned outreaches -OR- start planning a Christmas Caroling event at an abortion clinic in your own community. Together we can bring faith and hope to these abortion clinics this Christmas season, we can save the lives of babies in the womb and lead mothers to Christ, and we can share with the clinic workers a new way of life with Christ.”