10,000 Irish Join Massive Pro-Life Vigil Outside Dáil

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 4, 2012   |   3:56PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

Pushing back against the attempt by abortion campaigners to exploit the recent death of a pregnant woman to try to get Ireland to legalize abortions, as many as 10,000 pro-life people joined the Vigil for Life today in Dublin.

Caroline Simons, legal consultant with the Pro Life Campaign said the Irish government was not obliged to legislate for abortion because of the European Court of Human Rights ABC case.

“There is no such obligation,” she said. “All we are supposed to do is clarify our own position in relation to abortion here…We have one of the best maternal mortality rates in the world so abortion is never the answer. It is not going to save mothers lives and we don’t want to see it on our shores.”

The Vigil for Life on Kildare Street was promoted by pro-life groups like the Pro-Life Campaign and Youth Defence to respond to the debate over Savita and hold the Fine Gael party accountable over its pro-life pledge.

“It’s time the pro-life majority were heard. Enda needs to Keep his Pro-Life promise. Say NO to abortion in Ireland,” said Youth Defence in announcing the event. “Fine Gael and Labour are on the verge of legalising abortion. This may be the only chance we get to send a united message to the Government that the people of Ireland do not want abortion.”

“The vigil will be an opportunity to be a voice for both unborn babies and their mothers, and to ask Fine Gael to keep their pro-life promise. If abortion is legalised it will be too late to make your voice heard,” the group added.

As the pictures of the event show, hundreds of Irish people carried signs calling on Fine Gael not to buckle under pro-abortion lobbying pressure.













































The event comes on the day following news that the pro-abortion reporter who broke the Savita story says the Indian woman may not have requested an abortion.

The Pro-Life campaign recently commented on Red C abortion poll some are using to press for abortion.

Responding to the Red C poll on abortion to be published in tomorrow’s Sunday Business Post, the Pro Life Campaign said the answers to the different questions are highly contradictory, and show the very high level of public confusion on the issue mainly to do with the distinction between necessary medical interventions in pregnancy and abortion.

The poll reveals that 85% support legislation for the X case, while 63% support a Constitutional amendment limiting the X ruling.

Dr Ruth Cullen of the Pro Life Campaign said:

“We welcome the high level of support for a Constitutional amendment to limit the X case. It is very apparent, however, from the findings overall, that there is huge confusion about the distinction between necessary medical treatments in pregnancy and abortion.

“The Minister for Health and other senior figures in Government bear much of the responsibility for this confusion. For example, they have abjectly failed to highlight the fact that abortion has never been shown to benefit women with mental health problems, indeed on the contrary, peer-reviewed studies show it places some women at greater risk. Given the misunderstandings that have been allowed to fester, it is not at all surprising that the findings appear so contradictory.

“In the coming weeks, as the debate continues, we are confident it will become clear that legislation for the X case would not in fact be restrictive but would involve wide-ranging abortion.”