Pro-Life Sen. Rand Paul Considers 2016 GOP Presidential Bid

Politics   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 20, 2012   |   5:13PM   |   Washington, DC

Rand Paul, a pro-life member of the U.S. Senate from Kentucky who is the son of former presidential candidate Ron Paul, says he is potentially interested in seeking the Republican nomination in 2016.

“That’s classified,” Paul told ABC’s Jonathan Karl when asked if he intended to run. “Am I interested and thinking about that? Yes.”

“I’m not going to deny that I’m interested,” Paul told ABC News, adding that he was not ready to make a decision now. “I am different than some in that I’m not going to deny that I’m interested. I’m not going to deny that I think we have to go a different direction because we’re not winning.”

He said Republicans need to focus on state-level solutions and presenting them to voters rather than federal solutions to America’s problems.

“I think we have to go a different direction because we’re just not winning and we have to think about some different ideas,” Paul said. “States should be allowed to make a lot of these decisions. I want things to be decided more at a local basis, with more compassion. I think it would make us as Republicans different.”

In January, Paul was upset that he was detailed by the Transportation Security Administration on the way to speak at the annual March for Life.

“Today I will speak to the March for Life in Washington DC. A nation cannot long endure without respect for the fundamental right to Life. Our Liberty depends on it,” he said on his Facebook page.

Paul has a 100% pro-life voting record with the National Right to Life Committee, voting to repeal abortion-funding Obamacare, blocking funding for it, cutting taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business, supporting the Blunt amendment to stop the Obama HHS mandate, and voting to stop a bill targeting free speech for pro-life groups.



Paul received 5 percent of the support of Republicans in one of the first polls following the 2012 election.