Planned Parenthood Tells Teens: “It’s Okay to Swallow”

National   |   Rita Diller   |   Nov 19, 2012   |   5:26PM   |   Washington, DC

A picture of a bright-beaked bird looking up with its mouth open wide catches the eye of teens looking for information on Planned Parenthood’s Teen Info page. The text above the bird says, in big letters, “K to swallow.”

The September 1 post refers teens to an “Ask the Experts” Planned Parenthood page, which poses the question: Is it okay if u swallow semen? Planned Parenthood tells the teens:

Whether or not it’s “okay” to swallow semen depends on whether or not you’re okay with it. There’s nothing unhealthy, wrong, or dirty about swallowing semen, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

Immediately after telling the teens it’s okay to swallow semen, it tells them that “unprotected oral sex” can put both partners at risk for a number of STDs. Teens are then advised to have “safer oral sex” by using a condom or dental dam.

Planned Parenthood boasts of reaching 22 million visitors annually with the perverse, dangerous messages on its websites. It brags that it reached 1.1 million adolescents and parents “with information and education to help them make informed decisions and stay safe.” In addition, it claims 300,000 followers on Facebook. It also claims it has added “a million activists” through its social media presence.

Planned Parenthood—the organization that gives this kind of conflicting and perilous advice to teens on such a huge scale—is being paid more than one-fourth of the $75 million in PREP funding (Personal Responsibility Education Program) set aside by Obamacare to implement the Teen Outreach Program across five states at 50 schools. In addition, it gets $1.3 million in government funding each and every day via government grants and programs. This cannot be allowed to continue.



We must stop the madness. Planned Parenthood must be banished. Visit our website today and find out how to begin defunding Planned Parenthood. Note: Rita Diller is the national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood Project.