Abortion is Sexism at Its Worst, Does Nothing for Women

Opinion   |   Raimundo Rojas   |   Nov 19, 2012   |   7:08PM   |   Washington, DC

At some point during the lead-up to the 2004 presidential election, I found myself in a cold South Florida radio broadcast studio having an on-air and not-so-friendly chat with a representative of the National Organization for Women. Once I’d laid waste to her ridiculous objections to a member of my gender discussing abortion, she begrudgingly allowed the hostess to move on to RU – 486, the topic we were there to discuss.

During her outlandish opening comments in defense of the caustic and deadly abortifacient the woman said,

“…and you object to its use because you will no longer have the graphic pictures of the little arms and legs you love to throw in our faces.”

Oh my! At that very second I happen to look up at the very pro-abortion hostess of the program and we both realized what the NOW-ette had said. The hostess tried to move on quickly, but I held on to what had just been stated like a rabid dog chomping down on an injured hare and spent the rest of the show bringing the conversation back to dismembered arms and legs. What on the surface may have been heard as misspeak by a member of the pro-abortion lobby, was in a fact a moment of clarity for an already incredibly confused woman.

I recalled that radio show this morning as I read a blog-post by rabid pro-abortion extremist Amanda Marcotte. In the post and when ascribing attributes to a man who pressured not only his mistress but also his wife into having abortions she wrote that his actions were,

“…cover for base sexism … the belief that women are a second class of human, put on earth to serve men.”

Seems as if she may have had a moment of clarity too. But no.

Amanda Marcotte

Marcotte may never fully grasp that the abortion policies she so steadfastly and joyfully embraces turn ALL women into second-class citizens. Fifty-five million dead children notwithstanding, forty years of legalized abortion-on-demand have done nothing else if not objectify women. That objectification has now been so fully ingrained into our popular culture that a sitting American president successfully campaigned for reelection asking women to vote with “their lady parts.”

Which is exactly what Amanda did, but what inspired her to write this post was that the man in question is a Republican Congressman who has claimed to be pro-life, and in her zeal to criticize him publicly, she inadvertently stumbled upon a universal truth – abortion is sexism at its worst.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also point out that as is almost always exclusively true of her ilk, she goes on to muddle her article with false pro-abortion propaganda.



After excoriating the aforementioned Congressman, she takes a left turn and writes, “restrictions on abortion are strongly correlated with higher abortions rates.” In a word – No! That just isn’t true – and Amanda knows it. So much so that the best she could do was to back-up her assertion by linking it to an old CBS News story that mentions abortions and pro-life laws BUT CONCLUDES with (wait for it) – “Experts couldn’t say whether more liberal laws [on abortion] led to fewer abortions.” Duh!

It’s because they don’t and it may be that one truth at a time is all poor Amanda can handle.

LifeNews.com Note: Raimundo Rojas is the director of Hispanic outreach for the National Right to Life Committee. He is a former president of Florida Right to Life and has presented the pro-life message to millions in Spanish-language media outlets. He represents NRLC at the United Nations as an NGO. Rojas was born in Santiago de las Vegas, Havana, Cuba and he and his family escaped to the United States in 1968.