Promoting Adoption: Turn the Unplanned Into a Loving Plan

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Nov 15, 2012   |   5:41PM   |   Washington, DC

Our recent election has shown that Americans are willing to embrace liberal social policies that have replaced fathers and intact families with abortion and poverty.

With all of the accolades that President Obama receives for his fatherhood, his policies and unapologetic promotion of Planned Parenthood are diametrically opposed to healthy families and communitie.

The most pro-abortion President in American history ironically declares in his 2012 National Adoption Month Proclamation that we’re “a Nation that believes all children deserve the chance to reach their full potential.” Nice sentiment, but he’s merely a politician who proudly shills for the nation’s largest abortion chain, which annually deprives over 329,000 children of reaching any kind of potential.

Planned Parenthood, not so ironically, doesn’t promote parenthood. In fact, one simply has to read their latest Annual Report to see that the words “mom”, “mother”, “dad” or “father” never appear in the document. “Abortion”, however, appears 35 times. Planned Parenthood is not in the business of encouraging healthy intact families because they don’t provide a multi-million dollar revenue stream for the abortion business. They don’t support the one institution that strengthens every community—marriage. (Well, wait. Yes, they do. They promote only one form of marriage—gay marriage.)

And they certainly don’t offer adoption as a “choice”. In fact, they demonize adoption. Planned Parenthood declares: “The psychological responses to abortion are far less serious than those experience by women bringing their unwanted pregnancy to term and relinquishing the child for adoption.”

Is it any wonder that the abortion giant in its latest reported year only made 841 adoption referrals but performed 329,445 abortions? That’s 392 abortions for every ONE adoption referral.

Planned Parenthood is religiously devoted to the warped worldview that an unintended pregnancy equates to unwanted and unloved child.

National Adoption Month reminds us that, as a nation, we have a long way to go in doing all we can do to assure our children, especially the “unplanned”, are able to live out the God-given purpose that’s emblazoned on every soul.

Turn the unplanned into a loving plan. This is the new tagline to a moving new ad campaign The Radiance Foundation created for Bethany Christian Services (the world’s largest adoption organization) and Real Options pregnancy medical clinics. (On November 26th, The Radiance Foundation will launch featuring video vignettes of adoptees sharing how they’ve been adopted and loved.)

We cherish birthmoms who courageously and lovingly make a plan for adoption for their child. This new series of (licensable) ads reflects this compassion while promoting the beauty of adoption. Jonny Moses is just one of many adoptees in our country who is able to live out his potential. Through “open” adoption, Jonny has a wonderful loving relationship with both his adoptive family and his birth family. Often times, birth parents wonder about the fate of the child they’ve placed for adoption. “Open” adoption allows an ongoing connection to ones child, a relationship that is defined by the birth mom and/or birth dad and the adoptive family.



It’s a win-win situation.

So many children are dying at the hands of abortionists as their mothers are denied, most times, of ever being presented the loving option of adoption.

As an adoptee and adoptive father, I will always fight for the least of these. Beautiful possibility is crushed in Planned Parenthood abortion clinics about 1,000 times a day. My adopted son could have been one of them. His birth mom turned the unplanned into a loving plan. And now, he’s loved like crazy. It’s hard to imagine that he might have never been because of the “crime” of being “unplanned”.

We have four more years of the tragic exaltation of abortion and Planned Parenthood. Our recent Presidential vote can’t be changed, but the way each of us value human life can change any day of the year.