Planned Parenthood President: Abortion Gives Women Opportunity

Opinion   |   Susan Michelle Tyrrell   |   Nov 15, 2012   |   6:35PM   |   Washington, DC

The president of Planned Parenthood wants you to know, “There’s no better place in America to make sure that women have an opportunity than at Planned Parenthood.” Yeah, you heard that right.

According to Cecile Richards in San Antonio Current, abortion gives women opportunity. I suppose her reasoning is that if a woman’s birth control fails, or she forgets to use it—or simply doesn’t want to—then she has an out called abortion, aka killing your unborn baby so that you can continue with your opportunity. Discussing the election and then pointing her fingers at Texas, Richards asserts that a world without Planned Parenthood just wouldn’t be a good place.

It seems to her, opportunity for a woman is to walk around with blood on her hands, blocking out the atrocity, suffering with pain, or simply being hardened to it. It is the opportunity to be deceived and give power to the nation’s largest abortion provider instead of being empowered by real choice, such as deciding between keeping her baby or giving a family an opportunity to adopt her baby. Real opportunity gives both the woman and the baby a chance. But not according to Richards who probably wants to keep her $400,000 a year job safe.

Shifting to politics, Richards made another statement in the same interview that is tragically true:

“I would say, writ large, this election was an enormous validation of Planned Parenthood, the preventative care we provide, and frankly the basic tenants of Roe v. Wade. So I really think this was an election in which the voters just pretty consistently across the country, particularly women, said we’re not gonna go backward.”

The truth is, after four years of a president and Senate pushing abortion on the nation, despite the many laws passed in states to restrict it, Americans still voted for the same abortion proponents. From Barack Obama to Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri, a Planned Parenthood endorsed stamp, voters retained abortion—knowingly and complicity.

Planned Parenthood has convinced a majority of the nation that abortion is going forward, that it’s opportunity, that somehow women are better for having the right to kill. However, it was a bit different on election day in Texas where pro-life winners shone through and the pro-life administration has stuck to its shotguns.

Accusing Texas Governor of not caring about women for his governmental mandate that any facility that provides abortion not be publicly funded, which would actually have given more money to actual health acre providers, Richards actually should point the finger back at herself. The one who doesn’t care about women is the one who gives her life to killing babies. Rick Perry isn’t the problem; he’s part of the solution—but he’s a threat to Planned Parenthood because with Texas having one of the largest economies and much national influence, if Texas does it, it models an example to the nation. The truth Richards would never dare admit is likely that she is scared to death (or life of babies) of Perry’s pro-life mandates because they will hurt her job in the massive industry of death that she chairs.

Richards says “Rick Perry might be willing to throw women off of cancer screenings? Breast exams? Pap smears?”

She isn’t accurate, though. As we reported recently (A MUST READ IF YOU MISSED THIS), guidelines that came in part from an Obama Administration task force have now changed scheduled PAP smears for women from one year to 3-5 years. And we all know (unless we’ve been in a cave, or we’re President Obama) that Planned Parenthood doesn’t do mammograms or anything apart from what any doctor can do. It seems the sole purpose of Planned Parenthood now revolves around birth control, mandated without copays, even at the expense of Catholic organizations, and abortion abortion abortion. Did I say abortion?

It might be notable to point out that in Texas, a recent news report on the possible shutdown of the Lubbock, TX Planned Parenthood, Stephanie Goodman, spokeswomen for Texas Health and Human Services, said:

Of the 3,300 providers under the Texas Women’s Health Program, only about 50 are Planned Parenthood facilities. “We still have plenty of other doctors and clinics around the state ready to serve those women, we just need to let the women know about all the other options out there that are available to them.”



The news report continues:

Although Planned Parenthood clinics are a small portion of total providers in the program, they serve more than 40 percent of the people in the program.

There are 130,000 women enrolled in the Women’s Health Program and Planned Parenthood provided services to 52,000 of them.

In other words, those 50 facilities have a monopoly n those funds when 3,330 other facilities could use the money and serve more women.

Richards may deflect accusation to Perry as taking away women’s “opportunity,” hindering her national abortion cause, but as the saying goes, when you point at someone, you have three fingers pointed back at you:

Finger one is Mandated birth control

Finger two is Emergency (abortive) contraception

Finger three is Abortion

The real sentence that I opened this piece with should say “There’s no better place in America to make sure that women have an opportunity [to kill their babies and take money from the American people] than at Planned Parenthood.”