Abortion Groups Try to Kick Malta Pro-Lifer Off European Commission

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 13, 2012   |   7:08PM   |   Valleta, Malta

Malta is one of the few pro-life countries in Europe and the pro-abortion member nations of the European Union are increasingly ostracizing the tiny national from the Mediterranean.

The pro-life group CFAM reports on the latest efforts to kick Tonio Borg, the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta, off the European Commission:

But immediately after Mr. Borg’s nomination as a candidate had been made public, a well-oiled machinery of defamation and dirty campaigning was set into motion by a coalition of notorious hate groups. This coalition includes the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the European Humanist Federation (EHF), the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA Europe).

Several letters have been circulated by those Hate Groups, in which they seek to incite hatred against Mr. Borg and to mobilize the European Parliament to vote against his appointment.

Their argument is: Mr. Borg is Catholic, and we don’t like Catholics.

As becomes evident, this campaign, although seemingly directed against one particular person, is in fact directed against an entire social group, namely Christian (and in particular Catholic) believers: they are to be kept out of politics.

Abortion is a key component of the effort to kick Mr. Borg off the European Commission:

“As Minister for Justice and Home Affairs, Tonio Borg told the conference ‘The Well-Being Of The Unborn Child’ that the Maltese constitution should define life as beginning from conception …. Borg affirmed that “an embryo starts from fertilisation. There is no pre-embryo”, meaning any fertilised egg is a full human embryo”

So this is apparently the worst of all thought-crimes: life begins at conception. Not a particularly “religious” view, though, but simply what empiric science and pure reason tell us: it is at the moment of conception that a new human being with a unique and individual genetic identity comes into being. Without a trace of a doubt, it is (1) human, and (2) not a part of the mother. Obviously, IPPF is horrified. The Haters of Christianity hate unborn children too. In fact, they are haters of humanity.



But in fact, the European Court of Justice, in the case of Brüstle v. Greenpeace, has taken exactly the same position as Mr. Borg: “an embryo starts from fertilisation. There is no pre-embryo”. This is the confirmed position of the ECJ, and this is how EU law must be interpreted. The Hate Coalition’s views on this matter are not only wrong under the perspective of empirical science, but also incompatible with EU legislation. It is grotesque that they portray their misguided opinions as “mainstream”, and the views of the supreme judiciary instittion of the EU as “extremist”. Who are the “extremists” here?

Mr. Borg will have to appear in hearings before the European Parliament this week.