War on Women? What About The One Child Policy in China?

International   |   Cathy Ruse   |   Nov 7, 2012   |   10:56PM   |   Beijing, China

In 1979 China promulgated its “one-child” policy, forcing abortion and sterilization upon millions of women and causing the mass extermination before birth of baby Chinese girls.

Now a think tank sponsored by the Chinese government has recommended a phase-out of the policy. According to Christianity Today, a report leaked by the China Development Research Foundation, sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party, recommends that China immediately abandon its one-child policy in favor of a two-child model phased in over three years. A two-child policy would be no less barbaric, of course, but would give a fighting chance for some of those baby girls.

Last year demographer Nicolas Eberstadt published an essay in The New Atlantis entitled, “The Global War Against Baby Girls.” In it he wrote:

The consequences of medically abetted mass feticide are far-reaching and manifestly adverse….the very fact that many thousands — or in some cases, millions — of prospective girls and young women have been deliberately eliminated simply because they would have been female establishes a new social reality that inescapably colors the whole realm of human relationships, redefining the role of women as the disfavored sex in nakedly utilitarian terms, and indeed signaling that their very existence is now conditional and contingent.


And Republicans are at war with women because they don’t want to force Catholic institutions to buy birth control pills for their employees? Idiocy.



LifeNews.com Note: Cathy Ruse is senior fellow for legal studies at the Family Research Council, a national pro-family group that focuses on pro-life issues and opposes abortion. Read the original here.