Black Woman Supports Abortion: “No Ugly Ass Nappy Headed Kids”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 7, 2012   |   10:34PM   |   Washington, DC

This video barely came to light the day before the election but it bears bringing up because it points to a problem pro-life advocates face reaching the black community.

In the video of Obama supporters at a pre-election rally, a woman attacks Mitt Romney’s pro-life views, specifically that he wants to make abortion illegal.

After lots of profanity, the woman says, “They want to get rid of, they want to make abortion illegal. That don’t make sense m—–f——. What, we gonna have all these ugly ass, nappy headed kids running around here hungry?”



The comment is shocking on its face but it is illustrative of a greater problem. A couple of years ago, the Catholic pro-life group Priests for Life conducted some polls of black Americans and their views on abortion. The polling data was interesting in that while it found a majority of blacks take a pro-life view against abortion, they are much more passionate about opposing so-called welfare babies.

The data revealed that black Americans, including black pastors, are much more concerned about babies born into poverty to women who can’t afford to raise them than about the destruction of black babies in abortions. That’s exactly the sentiment expressed here and something pro-life advocates need to address.