Obama Makes One Last Pitch for Planned Parenthood Funding

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 6, 2012   |   5:12PM   |   Washington, DC

On the eve of the election, campaigning in Wisconsin, President Barack Obama made one last pitch for taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

“If the price of peace in Washington is cutting deals to get rid of funding to Planned Parenthood, I won’t pay that price,” Obama said. “That’s not a deal I’ll take. That’s not bipartisanship. That’s not change. That’s surrender.”

Obama has bent over backward to force taxpayers to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business. He repeatedly refused to sign a bill in Congress to revoke its hundreds of millions in taxpayer funds and, on several occasions, he forced states to fund the abortion giant even after they approved legislation to de-fund it.

On the other hand, Mitt Romney has repeatedly made it clear he will work to de-fund Planned Parenthood, saying, “I think I’ve said time and again that I’m a pro-life candidate and I’ll be a pro-life president. The actions I’ll take immediately is to remove funding for Planned Parenthood. It will not be part of my budget.”



The Mexico City Policy is a less-well-known method of revoking taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. During his first week in
office, Obama overturned the policy and sent tens of millions in tax money to the International Planned Parenthood organization to promote and perform abortions in other nations.

One of the life-saving actions Mitt Romney will take immediately if he becomes president is to reinstate what is called the Mexico City Policy.