Cher, Kathy Griffin Promote Obama in Pro-Abortion Video

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 5, 2012   |   12:13PM   |   Washington, DC

Singer Cher and actress and comedian Kathy Griffin are urging liberals to vote for Obama in a new ad, in which they support the President and abortion.

Cher: Honestly this is sick stuff. Richard Mourdock thinks pregnancy resulting from rape is a gift from God…. So ladies in Des Moines, voters in Madison, voters in Portsmouth, voters in Fort Lauderdale, voters in Cleveland, we need you to do something for your country. We need you to come together, protect women’s rights. So on November 6, go and vote….

Griffin: I mean, this is Cher, b****es, do what she says! And God bless America.



Cher has been flooding Twitter with political messages also supporting Obama and abortion. A few of them follow:

“I know we r not supposed to talk politics , was drawing & tears started to stream down my face. If romney (who is completely WITHOUT CHARACTER OR MORAL COMPASS ) Wins… I Shall cry 4 many days ! As a woman I shall cry FOREVER ! I NEVER IN MY LIFE THINK THAT I COULD “THOUGHT” I could ABHOR ANYONE AS MUSH BUSH , but except the wars ( WHICH WERE & ARE INEXCUSABLE) & The Devil CHENEY ,I would have BUSH !”