Abortion Biz Owner Can’t Vote: Signature Doesn’t Match Files

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 2, 2012   |   3:55PM   |   Palm Beach, FL

A Florida abortion business owner has been prevented from voting after election officers noticed the signature on her absentee ballot doesn’t match the one on file with the county offices.

The Palm Beach Post reports on how abortion clinic owner Mona Reis is upset at what’s happened:

With the White House, key state and national races and the overarching issue of women’s reproductive rights hanging in the balance, Palm Beach County’s leading abortion rights advocate had no intention of sitting out the November election.

Intentions aside, Mona Reis will have no voice in the upcoming election. Her absentee ballot was tossed out this week by the county’s canvassing board.

The reason: Her signature on the ballot didn’t match the one on file in the elections office.

“It wasn’t even close,” said County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor, who, like other members of the three-member board, recognized Reis’ name.

“This is unbelievable,” said Reis, who is founder and CEO of Presidential Women’s Health Center where abortions and other services are offered. “I have never heard of anything like this in my life.”



Ries was the subject of pro-life criticism years ago when local pro-life advocates had to challenge a new law preventing them from exercising their free speech to protest or counsel women outside abortion centers.

A Florida judge eventually overturned an abortion protest law put in place by West Palm Beach officials that created a buffer zone between pro-life protesters and the local abortion business. The judge said the law violates free speech rights and he ordered the city not to enforce it.