Pro-Lifer Drives Three Hours to Pray at Abortion Clinic

National   |   Shawn Carney   |   Oct 31, 2012   |   11:29AM   |   Washington, DC

Prayer is required in the pro-life movement. If we just run out the door to try to save the world, we’re only going to make it about 10 minutes. Abortion is overwhelming; but when we have prayer, and not ourselves, as the foundation … our faith in Christ really can move mountains.

When we ask people if they’ve experienced spiritual growth through their participation in 40 Days for Life, the answer is an overwhelming “YES!” Sometimes it is expected. Sometimes it’s not. Of course … we pray, hope and act to save babies, help women and show mercy to abortion workers. But most often, it is our own hearts that our Lord is working on during these 40 days.

Here are the thoughts of several volunteers, taken from the 40 Days for Life blog — in their own words.


      “This was my first year to participate in 40 Days for Life. I had been wanting to get involved in the pro-life cause for some time now, and I happened to hear about 40 Days for Life on Facebook.

“I drove three hours to pray outside of the Planned Parenthood in Fayetteville … this is the town where six years ago to the day I found out that I was pregnant and scheduled an abortion. Thankfully, a pro-life group was there for me and helped me make the right decision and I have a beautiful 5-year-old daughter now.

“I was really wanting a chance to … pay forward the kindness once shown to me. But even better than that, not a single person arrived at the clinic the entire time we were praying outside! It was a blessing just to be there and take part.

“99% of the people passing by in their cars waved approval at us, blew kisses, pointed at children in their back seat or honked. People are beseeching God to end abortion and He is answering our prayers.”


      “We are praying in Cleveland in front of SurgiCenter that has been killing unprotected unborn children as old as 19 weeks for years and is where I walk my 40 Days for Life prayer vigil. It is on a city street that some passing cars beep their encouragement to me, a 69-year- old man, who never expected to be praying in public protest to anything.

“God has called me to step out in faith to stand up and walk in reverence in support of 40 Days for Life. It is an empowering experience for me that combines prayer, meditation and action. My effort is rewarded many times over with a spiritual and physical renewal.”


      “We are so overjoyed to report … the San Jose prayer warriors and sidewalk counselors met and helped a woman decide on life for her child!

“We prayed and listened to her story. She had no money for gas, so I drove her … to get spiritual counseling and personal support. She has hope in the world now because as she told me in my car, ‘I’m glad I met you, too. There are good people in this world.’”




      “Just being at the prayer vigils here in Memphis is a spiritual blessing filling me with joy. It’s beautiful, especially considering some of us are from different ‘flavors’ of Christianity, but one in Christ.

“One of our leaders patiently listened to an angry man unload all his objections to the pro-life cause and the church. She quietly and lovingly answered all his questions.

“Although many drivers shout thanks, wave and honk in a friendly way … a very angry driver laid on his horn … and another irate driver screamed an obscenity at us. We felt blessed, and were reminded of our brothers and sisters who suffer much worse for the sake of Christ.

“Thank you, faithful 40 Days for Life leaders and fellow prayers, for offering me this wonderful opportunity.” Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion.