Video: Obama’s Denying Religious Freedom Denies Social Justice

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 30, 2012   |   3:48PM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-life group CatholicVote has released a new video that addresses issues of concern to Catholic voters who may be inclined to support pro-abortion President Barack Obama for re-election.

The video shows how Obama’s HHS mandate, which denies religious freedom to Catholic schools, businesses and organizations, makes it more difficult to promote social justice areas like helping the poor.

In a statement to LifeNews, CatholicVote talked about the new web ad.

“Is this the election that we’ll lose religious freedom in America? It will be — if we fail to pray, educate, and mobilize our friends and fellow parishioners to vote,” the group said. “That’s why we’ve made this new ad showing exactly what is at stake.”

“Religious freedom for our church and its schools and hospitals is a bedrock American principle. It’s called our First Freedom and it’s enshrined in the First Amendment,” CatholicVote continued. Until the election of Barack Obama, religious freedom enjoyed strong bipartisan support. In fact, President Clinton signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 1993. The legislation had such strong support that it passed by a voice vote in the House of Representatives. The Senate gave it overwhelming support with a 97-3 vote. But desperate to win reelection, Barack Obama wants to force Catholic schools and soup kitchens to pay for abortion drugs and sterilizations.”

“Any politician willing to violate the First Amendment rights of Americans does not deserve reelection,” the pro-life group added. “That’s why the Candidate Fund has endorsed Mitt Romney for President. If you agree, please send this message to your friends.”