Romney Applauded for Trying to Save Baby From Abortion

Opinion   |   Carol Tobias   |   Oct 29, 2012   |   1:00PM   |   Washington, DC

With Barack Obama continuing to slip in the polls, speculation persists that Obama or his supporters will try to spring an “October surprise,” some shocking allegation to hurt Mitt Romney just before election day.

One web site suggested that abortion supporters might try to re-surface an old story that they apparently think will hurt Romney’s chances of getting elected if it gets out widely.

The story? That when Mitt Romney was a church leader in the 1980s, he (gasp!) counseled pregnant women not to have abortions.

The people who give counseling to women in need are doing saintly work. They help calm the stresses of an unintended pregnancy, they help support the woman’s needs, and they help save the lives of countless unborn children. One woman who carried her child to term when Romney counseled her said she was grateful for his help. Another said she never regretted having her child.

I’m convinced that many more Americans will applaud Mitt Romney for helping women in need than will criticize him for compassionately trying to guide women away from abortion. Too many women know the pain of abortion, too many know the loss that might have been prevented had there only been a thoughtful counselor to give hope and alternatives the way Mitt Romney did.

That this issue is even raised is a sign of desperation among Obama supporters. With their candidate falling in the polls and unable to staunch Romney’s momentum in the debates, Obama supporters are getting more and more desperate to find a silver bullet, one big hit that will effectively knock Romney out of the race and save the election for the president. And in their isolated world where they claim abortion is some kind of “good,” some of them really believe that Romney will lose the “women’s vote” if he is seen to have counseled women not to have an abortion.

But their “Abortionland” isn’t a place that even exists. Because in poll after poll, a majority of American women identify as pro-life.

Let me take a minute to thank not only Mitt Romney for helping to save lives, but to thank every pro-life counselor and volunteer working at a crisis pregnancy center or pregnancy resource center. The wonderful work they do should never be demeaned.



But in the pro-abortion world of some Obama supporters, helping a pregnant woman and her baby is apparently not an act of generosity, but some kind of deviation from political correctness.

Their mindset has run Washington for too long now. America needs a return to values, to common sense. America needs Mitt Romney.

Please help us elect Mitt Romney and his pro-life running mate, Paul Ryan. We need to maximize the pro-life vote, and you can help us do it. Please vote and make sure to remind all your pro-life friends and neighbors to do the same. With your help and plenty of hard work in the next 10 days, we – and the unborn babies we protect – will win!

LifeNews Note: Carol Tobias is the president of the National Right to Life Committee.