California Pro-Life Voters Should Support Proposition 32

State   |   Brian Johnston   |   Oct 28, 2012   |   5:55PM   |   Sacramento, CA

Too few realize that the abortion industry, particularly here in California is actually a government subsidized industry.

But it isn’t just your tax money that is going to promote the industry. If you are a teacher, or a union member and/or government employee of any kind, the odds are that YOUR dues are going directly into the political machinery of the death culture. Nearly every union in the state has been co-opted into supporting abortion-on-demand (“choice”) and uses union dues to advocate for the killing of human babies and for candidates who promote it.

That’s why you need to support Proposition 32.

Info on Prop 32: What does it do?

It bans unions from forcing employees to pay union dues that support pro-abortion candidates and causes! Funding abortion extremists should not be a condition of employment.

Some facts:

  • Bans corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates.
  • Bans automatic deductions by corporations, unions, and government wages to be used for politics.
  • Reports filed at the Secretary of States Office show unions spend millions of dollars each election year on pro-abortion candidates.
  • Several unions like the California Teachers Association and California Nurses Association have spent money directly to defeat Parental involvement initiatives.

That’s why YOU should vote YES on 32!

LifeNews Note: Brian Johnston is the director of the California Pro-Life Council