Great Defenders of Life: Honoring Pro-Life Judge James Buckley

National   |   William Saunders and Kellie Fiedorek   |   Oct 26, 2012   |   7:51PM   |   Washington, DC

The Human Life Foundation celebrated its tenth Great Defender of Life dinner this month. AUL’s initiative, Advocates for Life, was honored to receive one of its Great Defender of Life awards, both because the award came from the Human Life Foundation, whose journal, The Human Life Review, is an indispensable platform for pro-life Americans, and because it shared the stage with the other honoree, retired federal judge, James Buckley. Indeed, it was a privilege just to share the event.

Judge Buckley is one of the great pro-life Americans, with a distinguished career in all three branches of government. Among his many contributions to defending the dignity of all human life was his authorship of the first Human Life Amendment in the U.S. Senate in 1975. In his speech on the Senate floor, which later appeared as the inaugural article of the Human Life Review, Senator Buckley stated, “To enter the world of abortion on request is to enter a world that is upside down: It is a world in which black becomes white, and right wrong, a world in which the powerful are authorized to destroy the weak and defenseless, a world in which the child’s natural protector, his own mother, becomes the very agent of his destruction.”

America indeed has been “upside down” since Roe v. Wade. Yet countless men and women continue to witness to the truth that every human being deserves to be welcomed in life and protected in law. One effort to turn things “right-side up,” as the Human Life Foundation recognized, is Advocates for Life.

Three years ago, Advocates for Life was founded to engage, educate, and train the future legal community—America’s future lawyers, judges, policy makers, politicians—about the value of life and the importance of defending it. A national, non-partisan organization for pro-life law students, Advocates for Life now has nearly twenty chapters at law schools around the country. Advocates for Life is dedicated to shaping lawyers who will be the mold of Judge Buckley – unafraid to courageously defend life.



By linking Judge Buckley, who is nearing the end of his career, and Advocates for Life, whose corporate life is only beginning, in its Great Defender of Life Award, the Human Life Review underlines the reality that the effort to defend life has continued ceaselessly for the forty years since Roe.

And it is perseverance in this fight that excites and empowers the next generation. The fight to ensure legal protection for the defenseless unborn is the greatest human rights struggle of our time. AUL and Advocates for Life are proud to be part of this struggle in the company of Judge Buckley and the Human Life Foundation.