Obama’s Next Four Years May be Worse Than the Last Four

Opinion   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 23, 2012   |   3:33PM   |   Washington, DC

Thomas Peters of CatholicVote puts the 2012 presidential election in perspective in a new blog post outlining 10 reasons why the next four years under President Barack Obama could be a worse setback for the pro-life cause than his first four.

Peters, whose organization endorsed Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan because of their pledge to advance pro-life values in the White House, rightly focuses on the long-term entrenchment of abortion at the Supreme Court level as the number one reason. If Obama is re-elected, it is likely he will have appointed about half or more of the members of the Supreme Court — perhaps cementing unlimited abortions for another 40 years:

I’d like to give 10 reasons why we should be afraid of what a second Obama term would mean for the issues Catholics care most about (he has helpfully mapped out some of what he plans to do — more of the same, but worse — if given four more years).

Reading these reasons should motivate us a) if we are in a swing state, to vote, to volunteer and to work to convince our friends, family and neighbors to do the same and b) if we are not in a swing state, to still vote and to contact our friends and family in swing states to do the same.

Barack Obama has been the most pro-abortion president in history. He has not signed a single piece of pro-life legislation since taking office. If given four more years, he will continue to veto pro-life legislation and nominate pro-abortion supreme court justices and judges.



Barack Obama is an enemy of religious freedom. The view put forward by his administration in the courts (and all the way up to the Supreme Court) is that religious freedom is a purely private matter that has no right to exist in the public square. The HHS mandate forces religious individuals and institutions to violate their conscience. If given four more years, President Obama will oversee the implementation of the full set of Obamacare’s mandates, and we will witness even more violations of religious freedom and conscience.

Barack Obama’s foreign policy has supported taxpayer-funded abortions abroad, has done nothing to address China’s heinous one-child policy, has promoted LGBT rights abroad and has undermined religious liberty –particularly the religious liberty of Christians– around the world and in the Middle East. The U.S. delegation at the United Nations will be emboldened to impose the Obama administration’s position on abortion, religious freedom, and same-sex marriage on developing countries around the world.

Barack Obama is an enemy of the Catholic Church. Even beyond Obama’s flawed view of the First Amendment, the President has intentionally surrounded himself with Catholics who proudly tout their dissent from the Church’s teaching. He has employed truly anti-Catholic figures in his administration and has personally been disingenuous in his dealings with the Catholic Church and Cardinal Dolan. If he wins four more years he will attribute part of that victory to taking on the Catholic Church and (in his mind) beating it. He will search out other ways to oppose it.

Barack Obama is an unflinching ally of Planned Parenthood. In addition to personally seeing to it that Planned Parenthood is funded with federal money whenever states have attempted to defund its millions of dollars in subsidies, Obamacare and other federal programs he has championed will collaborate with Planned Parenthood towards an ultimate goal of making America’s largest abortion provider synonymous with “women’s healthcare.” If Obama wins reelection he will attribute it in part to Planned Parenthood and massively expand its already significant influence and political footprint.

Obama will no longer care about being reelected. Obama has tempered his goals in his first term because he desperately wants to be reelected. If given four more years without having to be accountable to the American people, we can only imagine what’s in store for us.