Man Charged With Attempted Murder, Caused Girlfriend’s Abortion

State   |   Sarah Terzo   |   Oct 23, 2012   |   5:10PM   |   Albany, NY

A New York man is being charged with attempted murder for forcing his girlfriend to miscarry. Joshua Woodward, former partner of chef Govind Armstrong of The Table 8 Restaurant, is accused of using the abortion drug misoprostol to cause his girlfriend to abort.

According to the woman, who was not named, Woodward put pressure on her to abort their baby as soon as he found that she was pregnant. She steadfastly refused to have an abortion, and he continued to put pressure on her. The couple separated, and the unborn baby continued to grow in his mother’s womb.

When the child was 13 weeks old, Woodward and the pregnant woman got together again. He claimed that he changed his mind and would now support her and her baby. However, Woodward apparently had no intention of allowing the baby to be born.  According to the New York district attorney’s office, Woodward sprinkled powder on his hands before touching his partner sexually.

On October 18, several hours after the couple had been intimate, the woman began experiencing severe cramping and bleeding.  She miscarried her 13-week-old unborn baby.

When the woman saw a powdery substance in her underwear, she became suspicious. She called the police, who analyzed the substance and discovered that it was misoprostol, a drug that is usually used in conjunction with RU-486 to induce abortions.

When police searched Woodward’s backpack, they found more misoprostol. It is not clear where Woodward acquired the drug, but a number of news articles have cautioned the public about buying drugs from disreputable sources online. It has not been determined whether or not the drug was purchased online.



At 13 weeks, the unborn victim was well-developed. He or she (news reports did not reveal the gender of the fetus) had had a heartbeat and brainwave since early in the first trimester. The baby had arms and legs, and fully developed fingers and toes. According to The Visible Embryo, a fetal development website contributed to by The National Institute of Child and Human Development, a baby at this stage has unique fingerprints and inhales and exhales amniotic fluid. Note: Sarah Terzo is a pro-life liberal who runs, a web site devoted to exposing the abortion industry.