Company Claiming to Launch Celebrity Sperm Donor Program a Hoax

Bioethics   |   Rebecca Taylor   |   Oct 22, 2012   |   4:29PM   |   Washington, DC

Fame Daddy, the company that says it was going to begin selling celebrity sperm to desperate couples, is a comedy hoax. YAAAYYY! Gotta love those Brits lampooning society’s crass commercialization of procreation. From Time:

A British television network admitted Thursday that it fell for an actor pretending to be the CEO of Fame Daddy, allegedly a soon-to-be-launched paternity matching service that claims to have “scoured the globe” for well-known celebrities that have “agreed to share their genetic inheritance for the benefit of our clients…and mankind.”

ITV’s This Morning apologized to viewers after hosting a man named Dan Richards, who claimed to be the group’s marketing director, according to the BBC. The network now said that it appears Richards is a paid actor and that the company is nothing but a hoax….

According to The Independent, the whole thing was actually a promotion for a TV comedy show. “Fame Daddy is not a real organisation,” read a statement published in The Telegraph (which also fell for the hoax) by a company called 2LE Media. ”In fact it’s entirely made up, and is part of a satirical comedy / entertainment programme that we are producing for Channel 4,” the statement said.

It think it says a lot about how society views children that many of us, the British media and myself included, found this credible.

Here is a tongue-in-cheek commercial for Fame Daddy. (Did I mention how much I love British humour?)