Tens of Thousands Protest Obama HHS-Abortion Mandate

National   |   Andrew Bair   |   Oct 21, 2012   |   6:22PM   |   Washington, DC

Across the nation, thousands of pro-life Americans gathered on Saturday to protest President Obama’s HHS mandate, which compels institutions to provide health insurance plans that cover certain drugs or procedures, even if it violates the groups’ religious and moral convictions. The “Stand Up For Religious Freedom” rallies held on Saturday carried with them a sense of urgency with the November election less than 20 days away. While the event was not held to rally for particular candidates, an overarching theme was action. Pro-life Americans cannot in good conscience sit this election out.

Alex Swetz, the president of Students for Life of Franciscan University of Steubenville, attended the rally in Steubenville, Ohio and told LifeNews, “After recognizing the injustice of the disposal of religious liberty, today’s youth is obligated to fight against the force imposing such evil. By withholding our votes we are saying we really don’t care about the outcome of the battle. That is just as wrong.”

Eileen Crosby, a 24-year old social worker in Steubenville, who also attended the rally, told LifeNews, “In the course of my work at a Catholic hospital I administer to some of our society’s most vulnerable but the healthcare mandates from the Obama Administration make me increasingly nervous that I may have to choose between my career and my conscience.”

With Ohio likely to determine the outcome of the presidential race, the seven rallies in the Buckeye State could not come at a better time. “The rallies across Ohio have been fantastic. We are so grateful for our affiliated chapters who have put so much time and effort into planning these. It has been truly inspiring to see so many people come out, taking the time out of their busy days, to stand up and support religious freedom,” said Erin Cain, Director of External Affairs at Ohio Right to Life.

At rallies across Ohio, volunteers for the National Right to Life Committee distributed pro-life comparison pieces on the candidates running for federal offices.

Rachel Barga, a volunteer for National Right to Life, attended the rally in Cincinnati and helped pass out pro-life literature. She told LifeNews, “It is imperative to educate your friends and family about the issues at stake in this election. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will support protective laws for unborn children. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will continue to push a pro-abortion agenda.”

Patrick Quinn, a nursing student who attended the rally in Dayton, told LifeNews, “Voting is the only way for your voice to be heard in politics. I vote because I want my voice to speak for the millions who will never have the opportunity.”

A story the mainstream media will never report is the surge in pro-life activity during this election cycle. This weekend’s rallies illustrate the passion that is booming among the grassroots. The enthusiasm among pro-life advocates in Ohio to elect a pro-life president is at an all-time high. The Obama Administration’s extreme record on abortion has compelled each of us to take action like never before.



Thomas Crowe, a pro-life advocate and native of Youngstown, Ohio, told LifeNews, “Personally, I’ve never been as politically active as I am this cycle. We are about to have our third rally for religious liberty, life and family in less than a year here, which is unprecedented, and would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago.”

Crowe continued, noting the historic nature of the upcoming election, “Today’s threats to religious liberty and to life have motivated more people to come out of their shell, take time out of their busy lives, and take an active role in politics- literature drops, manning phone banks, taking an interest in the issues and discussing them with friends-than I have ever seen in Ohio.”

The latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows a tied race in Ohio. 49% of respondents prefer President Obama compared to 48% for Mitt Romney. Only 2% in the poll remain undecided. That puts the race within the poll’s margin of error.  Now is the time to take action!