If Four Americans Killed is “Not Optimal” What’s 55 Million?

Opinion   |   Carol Tobias   |   Oct 21, 2012   |   5:33PM   |   Washington, DC

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have both been victimized by a lot of “foot in mouth” disease lately. I hear they’ve tried to get treatment for it, but they found out it’s just one more disorder Obamacare isn’t going to cover.

Speaking on the Jon Stewart show last night, Obama answered a statement by the host that the response to the attacks on our consulate in Libya wasn’t “optimal.”

Obama replied: “If four Americans get killed, that’s not optimal.”

I believe Obama was addressing the issue of the response, not necessarily that the actions that killed the four Americans weren’t optimal. But regardless of what he meant, the president (and most emphatically, Joe Biden!) seems to make these insensitive-sounding verbal gaffes all the time.

Is Obama really so tone deaf that he thinks he can mix the ideas of Americans killed and “not optimal” and it not sound horribly insensitive to those who lost their lives and to their families?

The fact is, Obama’s got a real compassion problem.

I’ve never heard Barack Obama express a single word of concern for an unborn baby, whether those fighting for their lives after being delivered alive, those brutally killed in a late abortion, even those stabbed in the head in a partial-birth abortion.

So would Barack Obama ever say of the 55 million babies killed by abortion “that’s not optimal?”

I doubt he would waste his breath. Or waste a thought thinking about them.

Here’s why I speak so directly about Obama’s compassion gap. Millions of Americans are going to vote for Obama in just over two weeks because of the propaganda they are getting from Obama, from his party, and from the mainstream media.



That’s why the National Right to Life Victory Fund is working hard to make sure every American voter we can reach gets the real facts about what Obama’s real policies are doing to real people.

They are killing the unborn and threatening elderly and disabled persons with health care rationing. There’s no compassion in that. None.

Every morning at National Right to Life we examine the polls that show an incredibly close race – maybe an historically close race – for president. We respond by examining what more we can do in the closest states, in the areas where an increase in the pro-life vote can make a critical difference. Today’s map shows there are nine swing states – ten or eleven by some counts.

Americans deserve a leader of their nation who is compassionate.  And that leader is most decidedly not Barack Obama.

LifeNews Note: Carol Tobias is the president of the National Right to Life Committee.