Focus on the Family GOTV to Reach 8 Million Evangelicals

Politics   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 19, 2012   |   5:53PM   |   Washington, DC

The legislative arm of Focus on the Family, CitizenLink, today informed LifeNews that its get out the vote efforts for the presidential election will drive 8 million evangelical voters to the polls.

CitizenLink announced a 14-state voter education and get-out-the-vote effort that includes an 8 million piece mail campaign to reach values voters.

CitizenLink is mailing micro-targeted values voters—many of whom are inconsistent in getting to the polls—in the presidential swing states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin. The pro-life group is also targeting key Senate races in Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.  The mailings are being supplemented by more than a half-million dollar online ad campaign.

In addition to the mail, CitizenLink is on the ground in most of these states—plus Pennsylvania and North Carolina—working with its network of associated state groups to mobilize more than a 1,000 volunteers.  These volunteers have made 2.2 million phone calls and are going door-to-door to talk with potential voters about where candidates stand on life, marriage and religious freedom.

The first of the presidential and senatorial mailers—focused on the issue of marriage—reached more than 4 million homes in the last week.



During the year, Focus on the Family teamed up with National Right to Life to register as many as five million new pro-life voters and to get them to the polls this November.

“Every vote matters, and National Right to Life is excited to be participating in one of the largest voter registration projects in American history,” NRLC said at the time. “National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund has partnered with Focus on the Family in a project called Commit 2 Vote 2012.  This project sends mailings directly to our supporters who are not yet registered to vote but whose participation in this year’s election is crucial.”