Ohio Pro-Life Voters Should Support Josh Mandel Over Sherrod Brown

State   |   Andrew Bair   |   Oct 18, 2012   |   10:32AM   |   Columbus, OH

In the first debate in the Ohio Senate race, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown and Republican Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel laid out two very different visions for America and for the unborn. Responding to a question on abortion, Mandel answered, “I am pro-life, I believe in protecting life.” Brown reiterated his pro-abortion position. The contrast between the two men could not be starker.

Josh Mandel has a strong pro-life record, a record that has earned him the endorsement of the Ohio Right to Life PAC and the National Right to Life. Mandel co-sponsored numerous pieces of pro-life legislation on the state level.  If elected to the US Senate, Mandel is committed to repealing the pro-abortion Obama healthcare law and protecting rights of conscience. He also opposes federal funding of abortion and would vote to establish a permanent policy against funding abortions and healthcare plans that fund abortions.

Sherrod Brown, on the other hand, holds a no-limits abortion policy. At the debate, Brown had the audacity to accuse Mandel of being outside of the mainstream on abortion. Yet, Brown cast numerous votes against legislation to ban the horrific practice of partial-birth abortion. Brown even co-sponsored a bill that would make partial-birth abortion legal again, and would force taxpayers to pay for abortion (S. 1173, 2007).

Throughout his career, Brown has backed efforts to expand federal funding of abortion and funding for abortion providers.Brown’s record is out of touch with Ohio values and shows he is the one outside of the mainstream.

Planned Parenthood, which has endorsed Brown, notes on their website, “Brown’s strong record has earned him a 100 percent voting record with the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and we will stand by him 100 percent!”  Brown is also backed by NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Obamacare has never been popular in the Buckeye State. In fact, Ohioans voted down a central component of the law in 2011.  However, Sherrod Brown remains an outspoken advocate for the pro-abortion law. He emphasized his support once again during Monday’s debate. Mandel took the opportunity to reiterate his commitment to its repeal.



During the debate, Mandel also noted he would support the confirmation of strict constructionist justices to the United States Supreme Court. Sherrod Brown voted in favor of pro-abortion justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. With the possibility of multiple vacancies on the court in the next six years, the pro-life movement needs Josh Mandel in the Senate.

Polling shows the race in a virtual dead heat. The latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows Brown leading 47% to Mandel’s 46%.   Now is the time to take action in Ohio to ensure Josh Mandel is elected to the Senate. Unborn children and their mothers are counting on us.