To Abolish Abortion, You Must Vote Pro-Life First

Opinion   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Oct 16, 2012   |   10:22AM   |   Washington, DC

Abolishing abortion isn’t going to happen overnight, and there are many steps we must take to get there. Politics isn’t going to be the final resting ground for the abortion war. It’s going to happen in everyone’s town – when the abortion facility down the street closes and those within your church and community start rising up to take care of those mothers and fathers desperately in need of help. It’s going to happen when no woman feels like she has no other choice than to kill her child.

However, what will it take for us to get to that point? Can we abolish abortion simply by telling folks abortion is wrong, i.e. educating more Americans and providing and promoting more abortion alternatives? What about the abortion industry, the supply of abortion, i.e. the number of abortion facilities; the amount of taxpayer money the abortion Goliath, Planned Parenthood, receives; the money Planned Parenthood receives to go into our taxpayer-funded schools where they tell students that abortion is a healthy procedure and that asking parents for help is an out-dated notion?

Sadly, today, many in our society wrongly equate morality with legality. And even more sad is the fact that some women, even after being educated about abortion and offered every possible resource needed, still choose abortion.

Thus, ending all demand for abortion means we are going to have to make abortion, once again, illegal. And making it illegal means we will have to elect pro-life leaders who can appoint pro-life justices and pass pro-life laws.

We will have to engage in the political system.

Many of our movement’s victories have been slow, way too slow, and I’m not happy about that either. But lives have been saved. Every time an abortion facility shuts down, a mother hears the heartbeat of her child and decides against the abortion, one Planned Parenthood affiliate is kicked out of a school system, and a mother is told she can’t abort her 23 week old baby who can now feel pain – babies are saved. Not at the pace we expect or want, but they are saved. And they were saved through laws and grassroots, pro-life activists, like you and I, who elected pro-life officials and held their “feet to the fire” after they were elected.

My post today isn’t meant to be a great philosophical piece of today’s time. It’s a realistic piece written from one abortion abolitionist, mother, wife, and non-profit leader.

Let me clarify here: I’m not getting paid to stump for a particular candidate. My organization isn’t rich; you can check out my bank statements or look online to see how much debt I’m in, if you really want.

I spend 3 days a week away from the 3 most wonderful human beings on this planet: my sons, Gunner and Bear, and husband, Jonathan, to travel the nation speaking to adults and students about why they should care about abolishing abortion. Gunner, my 3 year old baby boy, has cystic fibrosis, a deadly genetic disease, which makes me realize that everyday he has on this earth is precious. To the outsider looking in to my life, I’m a pretty crazy woman. Some have even snidely remarked that I’m not a good mother and wife because of my “career” choice.

But I make this sacrifice, and yes, every moment away from my family is a sacrifice, because I want to abolish abortion in my lifetime.

I do it because I love doing what God has called me to do – this mission of abolishing abortion.

How is that for some street cred? I hope by now I have convinced you that I’m not an evil, Washington, D.C. special interest firm looking just for votes for one candidate.

But I do have to admit one thing to you: I am a lobbyist. Today, I’m writing to you to lobby for the preborn and their moms.

Recently, there has been some chatter on college campuses and in pro-life circles about why pro-lifers should care about the elections coming up on November 6th.

There’s even been some online banter from anti-abortion folks who have said you can’t be a “real” abortion abolitionist if you vote in the Presidential election.

I think this is dangerous talk, which divides and takes away momentum from everyone’s goal of abolishing abortion in our lifetime. Because whether or not we agree on strategy, we all agree on our goal: ending all abortions.

Let me be clear: There will never be a perfect candidate running for any office. As a Christian, I know this because Jesus Christ isn’t running for office.

And we are all sinners. Therefore, all candidates are sinners, just like us.

And just so you know, the guy I really wanted to be elected President, didn’t even run.

However, those Americans who oppose abortion and want to see it ended in our lifetime must vote on November 6th, and we must vote pro-life first.

What do I mean about “voting pro-life first?” I mean that before we check that box we must consider the candidates who are running and decide which will be the most likely to help our movement achieve our goal of abolishing all abortions.

Ask yourself: Which candidate, regardless of his party affiliation, religion, etc, will help us take the first step in ending all abortions in our nation?

Will I vote for the person who has voted against giving medical care to babies born alive during an abortion; has increased the amount of money going to the largest abortion Goliath in our nation, Planned Parenthood, by 30%; has appointed 2 ardent pro-abortion Supreme Court justices; and has stripped freedom of religion and conscience away from the Catholic Church and pro-life, secular employers like myself and has told us all to shove it?

Or will I vote for the person who has pledged to defund Planned Parenthood (a move that will undoubtably save lives), appoint only Supreme Court justices that are in favor of reversing Roe and Doe, reverse the hideous HHS Mandate, and stop taxpayer funding international funding of abortion?

Now, I can’t guarantee what either candidate will really do if elected President, and I know that just because a candidate promises something, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. And I also know that once a candidate who declares himself or herself pro-life and wins, should never be left alone.
We should always be asking and expecting for more.
However, can I morally justify not voting in this election for President? Nope, I can’t. And the Catholic Church (check out Evangelium Vitae) and leaders of the Protestant churches have said the same. Priest for Life’s political responsibility site sums it up best: “The role of citizens and elected officials is to promote intrinsic moral values as much as possible today while continuing to work toward better candidates, laws, and programs in the future.”



Too much is at stake. Too much has been done these past 4 years that I can’t ignore and just hope.
God gave us this awesome gift: America. He placed us in what I believe to be the best nation in the world, a nation where real change is possible. And He’s called each and everyone of us not to segregate ourselves from our neighbors, co-workers, and the rest of our countrymen but to engage and to be His light.

In this election on November 6th and in every election, until all abortions are ended, lives are at stake.

And I hope you will join me in voting pro-life first this November. Sign up at to be a Get out the Pro-Life Vote Volunteer to make calls to other pro-lifers encouraging them to get out and vote. The deal couldn’t be any sweeter: help save babies and get a cool t-shirt that you can use to promote our abolitionist message.
3,300 precious preborn babies were thrown in the trash today. I will not do the same thing with my vote. I will vote for them.