Silent Day Returns for 2012, 60 Girls Canceled Abortions in 2011

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 14, 2012   |   6:44PM   |   Washington, DC

Last year, when thousands of students across the nation participated in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity, 60 girls canceled their abortions. Now, director Bryan Kemper is urging students to join in again.

Every year, more and more teenagers and college students prepare for the next Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, where the ubiquitous red tape will be present again. Students from all 50 states and other countries will “speak up” on Tuesday, October 16th for unborn children who can’t speak for themselves.

“It’s true! Every year we hear back from at least 60 girls who decide to cancel their abortions as a direct result of the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity,” Kemper says. “If you are participating or want to and have not registered please do so at

“The Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity is an annual project of Stand True and every October students from over 4,000 campuses in over 30 countries take a strong pro-life stand in solidarity with those who are dying every day in the abortion holocaust,” Kemper explains. “This year is so important as we are in the 40th year of decriminalized abortion, one full generation who have lived under the shadow Roe vs Wade. We must make this the biggest year of the event and we need your support to make this happen.”

“We know that this event not only saves lives on the day of the event, but also has a continued effect throughout the year. We hear from students all year who tell us that girls approach them about being pregnant because they remember them from the event. The students that take part in this event end up ministering to girls all year because they stood up for life on the day of the event,” Kemper continued.

Last year students from over 4,000 campuses in over 32 countries took a stand for life during the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity.

Over the past few years many schools have tried to stop students from participating and quash their First Amendment rights. Every year, attorneys from the Alliance Defense Fund defend these students and file lawsuits to protect their rights.

Many home-schooled students will also participate in the event by visiting local malls and other public areas to distribute flyers.

The Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity started in 2004 after a student from McNeese State University asked Kemper, “What can I do to work with other students around the country, in solidarity, to help end abortion?”



“When this student asked me, a spark went off in my head,” Kemper said. “I replied, “What if we got students to not only act in solidarity with others, but also with the children that are dying every day?” As soon as I said it, I knew God had set something in motion inside of me. Now, something that started its first year as just a few thousand students from 300 campuses has grown into a world-wide outpouring of love and action. The Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity is in it’s 8th year, and last year we had students from more that 4,000 campuses in 28 countries stand together in solidarity. We have heard of hundreds of girls who have canceled abortions because of this day every year.”

“Hearts are being changed, babies are being saved, and women are being spared the trauma of post-abortive pain. People are coming together in unity to promote a culture of life,” Kemper said.

Kemper is urging pro-life students to register again, even if they registered last year, so the group can keep an accurate count of participants worldwide. The Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity is a project of Stand True and Priests for Life and is co-sponsored by, Students for Life of America and Survivors. For more information, visit