After Their Abortions, Every Woman Leaving Was Crying

National   |   Shawn Carney   |   Oct 14, 2012   |   12:19PM   |   Washington, DC

Today, I’m speaking at events in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio — tomorrow marks the halfway point of this 40 Days for Life campaign!

And that raises a question — have you been out to pray yet? There’s still plenty of time! Here’s the link to the list of locations. Click the one nearest you and get involved!

Here are some fresh reports from just a few of the 316 campaign locations:


While in Nashville to speak at the CareNet national pregnancy center conference, David Bereit, 40 Days for Life’s national director, visited the local 40 Days for Life campaign and brought along other conference speakers, including former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson and Rev. Walter Hoye of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition.

Upon arriving, they joined an enthusiastic crowd of more than 60 people, including the Survivors youth pro-life team that was passing through Nashville on their way back to California.


A prayer volunteer in Hackensack posted a note on the 40 Days for Life blog about her first time praying in front of the abortion center.

“I didn’t get there early enough to see the customers arriving, but I was there when they were exiting,” she said. “Every woman was crying. Every one. I was not prepared for that. And this is ‘women’s rights’?”

She had another profoundly sad realization as well. “Every woman was brought in by a man. The parking lot was full of men pacing, smoking or sitting in their cars. For every abortion, there is a man — a father — presiding over the death of his child.”

She recalled the TV shows of years ago, where nervous fathers paced in hospital waiting rooms, reacting with joy when the nurse came in to say, “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!”

“What a contrast to this scene,” she said, “where all these men were waiting to hear one thing: ‘It’s over,’ which is followed by taking a weeping woman home. God have mercy.”




Jim in Cedar Rapids passed along some quick items from people who prayed outside Planned Parenthood — “three examples of the Holy Spirit at work,” as he put it.

First, a man in a pickup truck stopped in the middle of the street, despite the fact that the traffic light had turned green. He rolled down the window to thank the group for praying. “Because of you,” he said, “I have a six-year-old son!”

Shortly after that, a man drove into the Planned Parenthood parking lot, grumbling that instead of praying, the volunteers should be working for the local adoption agency.

“He was silenced as one of our members explained to him that she had four adopted children,” Jim said. “He left peacefully. It’s wonderful that we have so many participants that have also adopted children — often several children.”

Finally, a woman who’d had two abortions walked up to the vigil participants — and led prayer. “The prayer was beautiful and very heartfelt,” Jim said. “She then received Father’s blessing and thanked us for being brave enough to undergo the nasty commentary from some passersby. In small ways, the love we show by our presence at Planned Parenthood is reaping a harvest!” Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion.