War on Women Absurdity: Liberals Claim Romney Will Ban Tampons

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 10, 2012   |   5:22PM   |   Washington, DC

The so-called War on Women meme liberals and abortion advocates have been pushing against pro-life advocates and presidential candidate Mitt Romney has jumped the shark even further.

Now, as the conservative Twitter watchdog web site Twitchy reports, liberals are now accusing Romney of wanting to ban tampons. Here are a sample of a few of the tweets Twitchy found today.

* “did I really just hear romney wants to eliminate tampons bc it’s unnatural for a woman to shove a foreign object up her!? #goobama”

* “romney wants to stop sellin tampons bc its “unnatural for a woman to insert a foreign object in her body to stop the menstrual flow”

* “Hey Romney why don’t you sit in your own blood and filth for a few hours and tell me why tampons should be illegal”

It turns out that the pro-abortion activists upset with Romney fell for a fake “news story” on the satire news web site Free Wood Post. As the folks at Twitchy note:

Once again, the liberal brain trust has bought into an absurd hoax. This one appears to have started with a satire article published months ago at the Free Wood Post. The site is headed with the tag line “news that’s almost reliable” and has a satire disclaimer right up at the top. But for many GOP haters, this quote was too good to check.



It is unnatural for a woman to insert a foreign object into her body for the sake of stopping the menstrual flow. I, as well as several others seek to eliminate the sales of such objects. Women should let nature take care of itself the way that our Almighty Creator intended. To try to manipulate and control such an occurrence goes against God’s plan for women.

Of course, that quote was attributed to Rep. Darrell Issa in the Free Wood Post’s satire piece. But like satire, reading is hard.

This new War on Women antic follows one from the Obama campaign, which came under fire for saying women should vote with their “lady parts.” Now the status of women has been reduced further by Obama backers.