Obama Campaign Staffer Caught Trying to Help Voter Vote Twice

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 10, 2012   |   11:43AM   |   Washington, DC

Conservative activist James O’Keefe is out with a new expose’ video and this one shows an official for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign helping an undercover investigator she thought was an Obama supporter vote twice.

Stephanie Caballero, the regional field director for Obama’s Organizing For America in Houston, Texas, is the Obama campaign staffer caught on film helping a young woman posing as an Obama voter cast ballots in both Florida and Texas.

“So I spent some time in Florida, and I got my voter registration card for Florida. So and I know that we have you know it’s a battleground state there,” the fake Obama voter says.

“Keep it, keep it… so you’re going to vote by ballot?” Caballero replies.

“I’m going to vote by ballot and then I have mine here too,” the fake Obama voter responds, saying, “it just really concerns me that if we don’t do everything we can we’re not going to win.”

“Okay, so you have to make sure because after 60 days you can send in your application to vote by mail ballot.,” the Obama staffer says. “So I can print that out for you. On Wednesday I’ll print it out. You just have to mail it or fax.”



The exchange continued:

Fake voter: “Okay, or fax it back in so that I can do.”
Obama staffer: “So they’ll send you a mail ballot.”
Fake voter: A mail ballot, and so, and there’s no way that they would be able to cross reference that?”
Obama staffer: “If you voted twice? I don’t know with you. I might just do Florida because in Texas it really doesn’t [count].
Fake voter: “And let me know about that. I mean I don’t want to do anything wrong. But if no one’s going to know, like…”

In an email to LifeNews, O’Keefe talked about the new video:

“This shocking new footage of Obama campaign workers conspiring to commit election fraud will leave you speechless. Project Veritas investigators went INSIDE Organizing for America headquarters in Houston and captured footage of paid campaign workers and other volunteers conspiring to commit election fraud in FIVE different states,” he said. “This explosive new footage proves everything we’ve been saying all year long about the ease with which fraud can be committed – as well as the REAL reason the media is suppressing this scandal.”

“Thanks to our fearless investigators, they can’t hide the truth anymore,” he concluded.