Sebelius Caught at Obama Phone Bank After Breaking Election Law

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 9, 2012   |   1:32PM   |   Washington, DC

On the heels of a report showing she broke the law in advocating for President Barack Obama’s re-election, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was caught walking into an Obama re-election call center.

Sebelius faced no punishment for her actions, despite calls for her to step down, and now a reporter for the Media Research Center captured Sebelius waking into an Obama campaign phone bank.

MRCTV’s Ian Hanchett asked the pro-abortion Health and Human Services Secretary if she was heading to the phone bank as a federal official. Sebelius answered, “I am not, I’m here in my personal capacity.”

Sebelius closed the door on the reporter as he asked her, “Do you think people who violate federal law should be fired as government employees?”



Despite the violation, the report did not suggest the Obama administration take any action against the pro-abortion HHS secretary.

According to Fox News, White House spokesman Eric Schultz explained in a statement what Sebelius will be put through additional training but will not be punished.

“As the Office of Special Counsel has noted, these were extemporaneous remarks, the Health and Human Services Department has since reclassified the event to meet the correct standard, the U.S. Treasury has been reimbursed and Secretary Sebelius has met with ethics experts to ensure this never happens again,” Schultz said. “This error was immediately acknowledged by the Secretary, promptly corrected and no taxpayer dollars were misused.”

He said the administration holds itself “to the highest ethical standards.”

Following the news, Maureen Ferguson and Ashley McGuire of The Catholic Association told LifeNews they are calling for the resignation of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

“Throughout her tenure at Health and Human Services, most of Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ actions have advanced the President’s political interests,” they said. “We already know she is willing to violate the First Amendment rights of Americans for political purposes, so why should we be surprised when she bends other laws to score political points? In violating the Hatch Act, Secretary Sebelius has made it clear that her concern with the reelection of President Obama supersedes her professional integrity, and she cannot be trusted to implement ObamaCare given her partisan political nature.”

They added: “Kathleen Sebelius should resign; it is unfair for her to oversee a new entitlement program that impacts 1/7th of the American economy when she is unable to adhere to federal law.”

Previously, pro-life advocates exposed the role Sebelius had in a document shredding scandal that saw her administration’s Attorney General shred documents important to a case concerning Planned Parenthood.