Boyfriend: “If You Love Me, Abort.” Woman: “I Don’t Love You That Much”

National   |   Shawn Carney   |   Oct 9, 2012   |   11:11AM   |   Washington, DC

I am headed, along with our national director, David Bereit, to Nashville, to speak at a prayer rally that will kick off the 2012 Care Net pregnancy center conference. Pregnancy centers have a huge impact at the local level — and they now outnumber abortion facilities in the United States 3 to 1.

Speaking of impact at the local level, I have some great news to share … plus some prayer requests for some 40 Days for Life campaigns:

  • One group believes big changes may be taking place at the abortion center where numerous 40 Days for Life vigils are been held. The local team is asking for extra prayer because this situation involves “an especially notorious and aggressive abortionist.”
  • Several campaigns are having parking issues. With no public parking nearby, campaigns must find business owners willing to offer parking spots for vigil participants. It may not sound like much, but lack of parking could significantly cut into vigil attendance and limit these campaigns’ effectiveness.

Please keep these situations — and the many local 40 Days for Life leadership teams who are making tremendous personal sacrifices during this campaign — in your prayers.


“It’s just heartbreaking to see them go in,” said one 40 Days for Life volunteer, who watched as women were dropped off at the abortion facility. But, she said, “We had one lady leave without going in. Praise God!”

Ernie, the local coordinator, also sent some pictures of a candlelight vigil that drew more than 300 people. Bishop Gregory Parkes led the group in prayer.

“When people go and peacefully pray in front of local abortion facilities, lives are spared,” said Ernie. “God works through us. We just have to go and be His loving witness! Have you signed up to go and pray?”


“It’s amazing that perfect strangers will pull into the parking lot where we are praying,” said Mike, the local 40 Days for Life director, “and trust us enough to share their personal stories.”

A young woman drove up and told prayer volunteers that was pregnant with her second child. She said her boyfriend had told her, “If you love me, you will abort the baby.”

She, in turn, told him, “I don’t love you that much!” She said she was keeping the baby, and then took some information to share with her boyfriend.

Mike says it appears this woman just needed moral support and practical information. “Praise God that we were there to be of service to her,” he said. “We will continue to pray for her and her unborn child.”




The local team in Bryan / College Station is taking a fresh approach to the “community outreach” portion of 40 Days for Life.

“We have five vehicles sporting huge 40 Days for Life decals on both sides of their car,” said Bobby, the local coordinator. The campaign team had these decals made up, then offered them to people who spend a lot of time on the road — guaranteeing that thousands of people will see them.

In addition, 40 Days for Life yard signs are popping up in high-traffic areas around the community, and people are being encouraged to wear 40 Days for Life shirts on Wednesdays.

As a result, more people are now asking, “I keep seeing this 40 Days for Life everywhere. What is that?” It provides a great opportunity to talk about the campaign — and why it’s so important. Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion.