New Ad Exposes How Planned Parenthood Destroys Black Families

State   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Oct 8, 2012   |   12:50PM   |   Virginia Beach, VA

The Virginia Coalition for Life, in partnership with The Radiance Foundation, has launched a bold ad campaign to challenge the abortion industry and the culture of fatherlessness that it has fostered.

Throughout October in the Hampton Roads area, 21 billboards and over 100 bus and light rail posters will declare the message: “Fatherhood Begins in the Womb:”

This pro-life, pro-family initiative is the first of its kind in this area, exposing how Planned Parenthood and its abortion allies have dismembered the unborn as well as families. Of the 1.21 million annual abortions, 84% are among unmarried women. In addition, 41% of all U.S. children are born into homes without fathers: 35.7% of white children and an astounding 72.3% of black children.

Children who grow up in single female-led homes are 5 times more likely to live in poverty. Abortion and poverty have taken the place of fathers.

“The pro-life community of Hampton Roads and supporters statewide believe Virginians need to hear and see the havoc caused by the actions and policies of Planned Parenthood,” says Craig Hudgins, co-founder of Virginia Coalition for Life (VCFL). “Everyone needs to understand the lasting damage its propaganda has wreaked on the integrity of the family.”



Planned Parenthood gets half a billion of our tax dollars every year, and they fail at their core task — reducing unintended pregnancy rates. They make millions off of abortions, and vulnerable communities, without stable two-parent married homes, are their prey.

Diana DeBoe, VCFL co-founder, points out: “The ‘War on Women’ is a manufactured phrase. The real war on women happens at abortion clinics every day, where the assault is against marriage and motherhood.”

Star Parker, syndicated columnist and President of C.U.R.E. (Center for Urban Renewal & Education), adds: “Planned Parenthood has injected its venom into urban America for decades. exposes how they’ve left our inner-cities fatherless and made abortion the number one killer of black Americans.”