Exposing Planned Parenthood on Its 96th Anniversary

Opinion   |   Bill Saunders and Anna Franzonello   |   Oct 5, 2012   |   4:09PM   |   Washington, DC

On October 16, Planned Parenthood will celebrate its 96th anniversary.To commemorate the “birth” month of an organization which profits from the death of over 900 unborn children every single day—and annually increases its “market share” in an industry that has taken the lives of over 54 million unborn children since Roe v. Wade—each day in October Americans United for Life is releasing a background paper about the nation’s largest abortion chain.

AUL’s “The Planned Parenthood Exhibits” provide more evidence of why Planned Parenthood does not deserve either its self-appointed “trusted healthcare provider” moniker or the over 1.3 million dollars it takes from the American taxpayers each and every day.

Exhibit One documents the symbiotic devotion between the Obama Administration and Planned Parenthood. As the Exhibit details, that loyalty goes so far that the Obama Administration has done more than threaten states attempting to cut ties with the abortion industry, but has, in the state of Texas, decided to deny funding for basic healthcare to poor women and their families. Ironically, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund is actively campaigning for President Obama, asserting that his reelection is necessary for healthcare for women and their families.

In Exhibit Two, AUL deconstructs “white lies” perpetuated by Planned Parenthood. For example, the Exhibit breaks down the sham statistic that Planned Parenthood often hides behind- that abortion is only “3 percent” of its “services” – and shows that abortion is a significant source of revenue at Planned Parenthood. Examining just a few of the many myths and misleading statements that build up Planned Parenthood’s façade, the Exhibit illustrates the depths of Planned Parenthood’s “white lies.”

Exhibit Three outlines how Planned Parenthood’s commitment to preserving an abortion-on-demand policy through all nine months of pregnancy is out of step with the global community. While the overwhelming majority of Americans—pro-choice and pro-life alike—support legislation that would move the USA away from the company of China and North Korea through meaningful gestational limits, Planned Parenthood opposes all efforts to do so.



Rounding out week one, Exhibit Four recounts how Planned Parenthood, desperate to keep the secret that women are better served elsewhere, mercilessly persecuted the respected breast cancer foundation, Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

In the upcoming weeks, AUL’s “The Planned Parenthood Exhibits” will continue to expose the radical pro-abortion agenda and scandals at Planned Parenthood. While the nation’s largest abortion chain has hit the campaign trail hard for its “champion” President Obama, AUL is determined to let the American public get to know the real Planned Parenthood.