Pro-Lifers Use Text Messaging to Save Babies From Abortions

National   |   Shawn Carney   |   Oct 4, 2012   |   10:23AM   |   Washington, DC

Nothing is more powerful in saving lives than prayer and fasting. But in addition to that, 40 Days for Life campaigns are adding something else — texting!

Of the thousands of moms that have chosen life during these campaigns, some have actually sent text messages to the volunteers outside the abortion center, telling them of their last-minute decisions to keep their babies — and thanking them for being there.

I just got a note about how at least one 40 Days for Life location is using text messaging BEFORE women even enter the abortion facility to help save lives … and frustrate Planned Parenthood.


Many Planned Parenthood abortion centers force clients to turn off their phones because the phones supposedly interfere with their equipment. Eileen in Indianapolis says it’s more likely that the phones interfere with their business.

“Perhaps it’s because they might communicate with someone,” Eileen said, “who might persuade them to leave and not have an abortion.”

Prayer volunteers are now holding a sign next to Planned Parenthood’s driveway that says, “Pregnant? Confused? Txt choice” — and it shows a text number. A woman who texts to that number will be put in touch with a counselor.

There’s also a code on the sign that a smart phone can read. The code leads to a web page that gives information on contacting a counselor.

“Thank God for wonderful volunteers and creative ways to continue our ministry,” Eileen said. “We are trying to be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove.”


Bobbie is helping to coordinate Easton’s first 40 Days for Life campaign. Her efforts must be working. A Planned Parenthood staffer came out to the sidewalk to tell her to go home.

“I calmly explained what we were doing and that we had permission to assemble through November 4,” Bobbie said. The staff member insisted that they don’t do abortions at that location.

“But, you do refer [for abortion] and we are praying for you and the staff, the clients and babies,” Bobbie responded. The woman said she needed no prayer and marched off. “So I quietly prayed for her!”

The campaign hasn’t been easy. “We are struggling,” she said, “but the benefits and results of the vigil are amazing.”




It was a rainy day in Houston, but the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood was filled with people praying. The inconvenient weather did not deter them. But it did seem to have a big impact on Planned Parenthood’s escorts.

Around 8:30 that rainy morning, the escorts got in their cars and left — and did not return. In fact, the escorts just haven’t been around much — “the first time in the twelve campaigns we have organized in Houston that they have not opposed us with escorts,” said a 40 Days for Life team member.

The Houston team also tells of a woman who talked to volunteers after her Planned Parenthood appointment. Her pregnancy test was positive. But after she told the Planned Parenthood staff she wasn’t interested in an abortion, she was told they couldn’t help her.

“That surprised her,” said a 40 Days for Life leader, “but not us.”

One of the volunteers in Houston has posted a video showing some of the people standing vigil outside the Planned Parenthood building, which is one of the largest abortion centers in North America.