Abortion Boat Blocked From Entering Morocco Port, Harming Women

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 4, 2012   |   11:28AM   |   Rabat, Morocco

Authorities in Morocco prevented the controversial Dutch abortion boat from entering its port today and delivering dangerous abortion drugs to women in this nation where unborn children are protected by law. After running around years ago in South America, the organization has brought the ship back to supposedly do drug-induced  abortions on women and unborn children off of the coast of this pro-life nation.

Moroccan authorities said the abortion ship is operating outside of its laws prohibiting abortion. Minister of Education Lahcen Daoudi told AP the boat has to respect local laws, saying, “The people charged with applying the law will apply it on everything to do with the boat.”

“The Ministry of Health … was never informed of this event and has not authorized any party or doctor, not residing in Morocco, to carry out this medical procedure,” the government said.

UPDATE: Warships are now blocking the abortion boat from reaching the port.

“The harbor is totally blocked by warships so no one can get in, and there are a lot of police here,” said Marlies Schellekens, a doctor from Women on Waves who had gone on shore.

“We’re now working on an emergency plan but we have opened up our hotline so women can call for information about the abortion pill.”

AP indicated local pro-life activists protested the head of the pro-abortion group Women on Waves, who is trying to get the boat to dock.

“The protesters, some in conservative Muslim robes and headscarves, carried pictures of bloody embryos and shouted “terrorist” and “assassin” at Rebecca Gomperts in the Atlantic coast town of Smir,” AP indicated. “As they tried to get closer to the activist, shouting and waving their arms, police pushed back the protesters and Gomperts was escorted away for her own protection.”

At the Moroccan protest Thursday, 23-year-old Abdessamad Zilali said, “We are here because we cannot accept these values, the values of massacre.”

As to the closing of the port, AP indicated: “A naval vessel and an inflatable motor boat could be seen patrolling the harbor, which was filled with recreational yachts.”

Women on Waves is putting women at risk and trying to get around the law by launching a toll-free number for women in Morocco to call to misuse the ulcer drug misoprostol to cause an abortion.



“MALI ( Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms ) has invited the Dutch organization Women on Waves to come to Morocco with the abortion ship,” the group said in a press statement LifeNews received. “The ship can provide women with legal medical abortions under Dutch law after sailing to international waters.”

“MALI has invited Women on Waves to support the movement for legalization of abortion. To support legalization of abortion in Morocco, people can sign the petition,” it said.

In 1999, abortion advocates devised a new strategy to bring abortion to nations that protect women and unborn children. After upsetting residents of Ireland, Poland and Portugal, the Dutch-based abortion boat recently arrived in the South American nation of Ecuador, where abortions are illegal.