NARAL Sending Vagina-Costumed Activist to Presidential Debate

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 3, 2012   |   3:36PM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-abortion group NARAL is continuing this year’s election theme of reducing women to the sum of their body parts. They are sending a pro-abortion activist dressed in a vagina costume to tonight’s debate.

Pro-abortion activist K. Travis Ballie tweeted about the costume this afternoon on Twitter, saying: “[email protected] & @NARALColorado as well as a delightful pro-choice vagina, are en route to the debates!”
















News of the vagina-costumed activist heading to the debate to attempt to draw attention to Mitt Romney’s pro-life position follows criticism of the Obama campaign for releasing a picture yesterday that showed it regarded women as no more than their reproductive organs.

The Obama 2012 campaign’s official home on Tumblr approved a new graphic that assumes women are wombs.

Vote like your lady parts depend on it,” the text in the graphic said. “Because they kinda do.”

After massive criticism, the Obama campaign has removed the image from its Tumblr page. The Obama campaign claims it did not officially approve the “Lady Parts” image. An Obama campaign official told BuzzFeed Shift, “We have a review process for our online content and this piece did not go through our regular review. When it was discovered, it was taken down.”