“Catholics for Obama” Calls Hit Romney: How Can you Support a Mormon?

National   |   Deal Hudson   |   Oct 3, 2012   |   1:36PM   |   Washington, DC

Just a week ago, I reported a call from an Obama supporter received by a Catholic in Pennsylvania. The caller, identifying herself as Catholic, insisted Obama was not pro-abortion and Planned Parenthood did not encourage abortions.

Joy Allen, co-chair of the pro-life committee of her parish, Saints John and Paul in Franklin Park, PA, received another call yesterday.  The first Obama caller had asked for her daughter; the second asked for her son — both are registered Republicans. The call came from 215-796-4259 at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday.

After telling the caller her son was not at home, the caller said she was from the Obama campaign and wanted to know how he would be voting.

Joy reported to me:

“Well, I could not believe that I had received another call from the Obama campaign looking for another of my college aged children in less than a week. I informed the caller that my son was a practicing Catholic and would not be supporting a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage candidate who did not respect the Catholic faith in his HHS mandate that would force all Catholics to pay for birth control, sterilization, and the abortion pill.”

At that point, the Obama supporter started reading from the same script that Joy had heard from the first call.

“Well, I am a practicing Catholic, and I have no problem supporting Obama. How can you support a Mormon who does not believe in Jesus Christ….”

Joy interrupted her and said:

“I know your script, next you are going to tell me that I should support the “Nuns on the Bus” and tell me that Planned Parenthood is really providing healthcare for children and pregnant women and not aborting innocent children.”

Joy then asked the caller her name. She would only give her first name, Judy. Joy told Judy “that she had heard from their campaign last week when a caller wanted to speak to her college aged daughter. I asked her why they were targeting Catholic young adults.” Judy then said to me, “You told me you were Catholic.”



When Joy tried to engage in conversation about the five non-negotiables and the USCCB on “Faithful Citizenship”, Judy hung up.

These Obama “push calls” not only tell the big lie about Obama but also play the “Mormon card,” offering more evidence of Obama’s disrespect for people of faith.

LifeNews Note: Deal W. Hudson is president of the Pennsylvania Catholics’ Network and was chairman of Catholic Outreach at the RNC between 2000-2004 and is
the author of Onward Christian Soldiers: the Growing Political Power of Catholics and Evangelicals in the United States (Simon & Schuster 2008).