Missouri Right to Life Drops Endorsements of Two Pro-Life Democrats

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 19, 2012   |   5:47PM   |   Jefferson City, MO

Because they failed to support a pro-life bill that would restore religious liberty protections for those worried about the effects of the pro-abortion Obama HHS mandate, a state pro-life group in Missouri yanked endorsements from two pro-life Democrats.

As Missouri Right to Life informed LifeNews today:

Missouri Right to Life announces the withdrawal of two endorsements: Rep. Linda Black (District 117) and Rep. Steve Hodges (District 149). The MRL PAC is taking these actions on the heels of the veto session and the Missouri Legislature’s vote to override the Governor’s veto of SB 749.

Reps. Black and Hodges, along with other pro-life Democrats, gave a verbal commitment to vote to protect the religious liberties of people of faith not to have to pay for or participate in the taking of innocent human lives by being forced to provide abortion services, drugs or devices.

The decision doesn’t mean Missouri Right to Life is not supporting any Democrats, along with pro-life Republicans it has endorsed. To the contrary:

While seven pro-life Democrats were heroic in their actions to protect innocent human lives by overriding their Governor on SB 749, Reps. Black and Hodges changed their votes and voted to sustain the Governor’s veto of SB 749.

Since MRL PAC endorsements are made on the basis of a candidate’s commitment to protect innocent human lives on all life issues, these votes against an override were considered anti-life. MRL PAC judges this anti-life vote to be a disqualifier for an endorsement.

The seven House and two Senate Democrats who voted with their Republican colleagues to protect our religious liberties by overriding the Governor’s veto of SB 749 are:



Rep. Ron Casey, Dist. 102
Rep. Joe Fallert, Dist. 104
Rep. Ben Harris, Dist 110
Rep. Paul Quinn, Dist. 9
Rep. Ed Schieffer, Dist. 11
Rep. Tom Shively, Dist. 8
Rep. Terry Swinger, Dist. 162
Sen. Ryan McKenna, Dist. 22
Sen. Victor Callahan, Dist. 11

The MRL PAC announces the endorsement of Neal E. Boyd in District 149. Mr. Boyd is committed to a pro-life position on all life issues, and we urge voters of this district to support him in November. Missouri Right to Life PAC thanks those legislators that voted to override the Governor’s veto on SB 749.