Massachusetts Voters Must Vote No on 2 Against Assisted Suicide

Opinion   |   Robin Loughman   |   Sep 14, 2012   |   1:51PM   |   Boston, MA

The Radical Suicide Lobby has set up camp in Massachusetts and is putting us all in danger.  Please read this entire message to see how you might be affected by the frightening developments outlined below.

This November voters will be presented with a ballot question, Question 2,which would legalize Doctor-Prescribed Suicide.  If this proposal becomes law, doctors could prescribe patients with a lethal drug overdose instead of real treatment.

The elderly, people with disabilities and the vulnerable are all at risk and campaigning against this ballot question. Can they count on you for help?
Since they succeeded in legalizing Doctor-Prescribed Suicide in Oregon and Washington,the pro-death organization formerly known as the Hemlock Society, now called Compassion and Choices, has been defeated in several other states. Now they have focused on Massachusetts.They think a big win can revitalize their agenda and take assisted suicide to other states.

We can’t let that happen.

If Doctor-Prescribed Suicide becomes the law they will be the first targets as cost becomes a factor in healthcare decisions.

For example, in Oregon where “assisted suicide” is legal, a cancer patient was offered assisted suicide by her healthcare provider instead of more expensive treatment even though the patient wanted treatment; treatment that would have given her extra time with her family, grandchildren and loved ones.

She was “only” a retired bus driver and her treatment was considered too expensive. Lethal doses of prescription drugs, however, were offered as an alternative.  I don’t think any of us want to live under that system.

Time is running out.  This ballot question will be voted on in November and will have implications all across this country.  The Hemlock Society campaign team has already ready begun purchasing television air time. Remember, the proponents of Question 2 are flush with cash from wealthy out-of-state money men.  We need your help to level the playing field.

The stakes are so high.

We need funds to pay for a statewide campaign effort to make sure people know the danger posed by Doctor-Prescribed Suicide.  This effort must include a major media campaign to compete with the millions of dollars the suicide advocates will spend on television and radio.  We don’t have foreign billionaires backing our side.  It’s down to the few of us that stand for human rights and human dignity.

Together, I know we can do it.  I hope I can count on you.

Question 2 would make it legal for a physician to give a “terminal” patient with a prognosis of less than 6 months to live a lethal dose of drugs intended to cause his death.  The proposed law ignores the fact that even the most accurate medical prognosis is little better than a guess – that is one reason the Massachusetts Medical Society opposes Question 2.

It also ignores the fact that a huge proportion of those with thoughts of suicide shortly after a terminal diagnosis are suffering, quite naturally, from severe but treatable depression.  After these patients receive the proper care for their depression, few ever express a desire for suicide.

Even more troubling, there is no requirement that someone requesting suicide pills be referred for mental health screening.  Think about that for a second—suicidal thoughts are a common sign of depression or mental illness.  Why won’t proponents of the bill at least try and be safe rather than sorry?  Why is the Hemlock Society so afraid that people might be given a second chance?

The pro-suicide effort won’t stop with Massachusetts.  We’re at the top of their list now, but it used to be Washington and before that Oregon. Other states will surely be a priority for them eventually, and the fight will be so much easier for them once they have Massachusetts in their pocket.

We need to draw a line in the sand.  If we defeat Question 2 in Massachusetts we will deal a serious blow to the Hemlock Society and their radical pro-death movement. It will hamper or even destroy many of their other efforts.  On the other hand, Massachusetts could be Step One to their continued expansion.

The future of quality care, for the sick, for the vulnerable and even for you and me is counting on what we do today.

We urge you to join with thousands of people living with disabilities,doctors, nurses and community leaders in opposing Question 2.  Help us defeat this ballot question. Will you stand with us? I hope we can count on you!

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LifeNews Note: Robin Loughman, RN, is the Chairwoman of No on Question 2–Massachusetts Against Doctor-prescribed Suicide